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Kettavai stills !!! August 6, 2007

Filed under: Bioscopu — intimateramc @ 6:08 am

When I was going thru my blog referalls , I found lots of guys googled for
“kettavai stills”. I had written a post on Neengal kettavai..and dasavatharam stills,
so both of this words brought them to my blog. But I was still wondering , what is that
“kettavai stills’ , is it some XXX stills in Tamil ? or any latest movie named kettavai… no , the
doubts are cleared when I accidentally crossed(namba mateengale) this picture, so
People can search now with proper word and can land in my blog… 🙂
(Simbhu from Kettavan)


3 Responses to “Kettavai stills !!!”

  1. sangs Says:

    the stills for this movie are very different.refreshing from the usual ones that we see ! padamum appadi irunthaa nallaa irukkum,though..but simbu enna pudhusa edukka poraan,kaadhalla thothu poi,psycho aagi,antha ponnu theethu katti oru nalla social message ulla padam thaan 😉

  2. sami Says:

    u spoiled my mood by posting this picture. thank that i didnt see this in morning 🙂
    enga parthalum pollution, blog-la koodava 😦

    ithayuma sila per search panrangale…

    diparent-a panreannu crack mathiri alayaran…as sangs said, athey story thaan irukkum…

  3. Ramc Says:

    @sangs, ama ithuvum manmadhan,vallavan mathiri oru thatthupithu kathaithan…

    @sami, Sami intha padathula TR entry irukka kudathunnu vendikko…
    “Mouna raga”thukku piragu tamizhil oru nalla muyarchi… he he he

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