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Email Hoax… January 18, 2007

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Got a mail from a friend with the subject line “plz dont delete” … which made me to delete the mail imm. But my curiosity wont allow it (it might be Asin’s photo collection??).So started reading thru the mail…

Summa oru 50-60 peru in cc and to list…. Actually I struggled much to find the body of that mail. Yes got that … the mail started with ,

Pls don’t delete without reading:

A couple of days ago, my daughter, she’s 6years old, her name is Fatima.Well , she was playing on the street, in front of our house, and then out of no where, this car came out and crashed into her! I was so frightened and angered at the driver, but it ended out to be, that the drivers brakes had been shot, and he wasn’t able to stop.

Luckily, my daughter, was able to avoid death, but she is in very serious condition.
Right now, as I speak, she’s in the hospital, but the thing is,she has a serious injury. It’s internal bleeding, and it’s bad to say,but we don’t have any health insurance, and we don’t have enough money to pay for the operation.

Yes, everyday , everytime in everyroad , somewhere in the world accidents happens, so sad to hear it…

So I made a deal with a company, BCC inc and they told me, for every person that will foward this email, they will donate 3 cents to the operation.

BCC inc – Board of Cricket Council … he he he … Jus googled for the name, unfortunaely there is a s/w company with the name. poor guys !!! OK where is this company , in Philipines ???

Let me think about the conversation between Harlina and BCC
BCC : Hello , BCC..
Harlina : Hello , am Harlina, mother of 6 year old gal Fathima.
BCC : Ok?
Harlina : she was playing on the street and a car crashed on her.
BCC: Oh…Shall we call for an ambulance…
Harlina : No ! I called and She is now in hospital.
BCC : Ok?
Harlina : Doctors told she need to undergo a surgery which will cost more money.
BCC : I think you were misunderstood that this as a insurance company, we are a software company making softwares for a insurance company.
Harlina : Oh…But I dont have any insurance on her name.
BCC : Is it? Okhay . In that case we will offer one nice idea to you. Do you have email id.
Harlina : Yes.
BCC : Send a email , saying all your story and mention our company name , only company name … not phone or email or webaddress , jus the company name… Because we are so famous like Microsoft …
Harlina : Microsoft ???!!!
BCC : Ok (with happy) thatz different story … So you jus send the mail and ask people to forward to all their friends..No. of forwards will give you $3.
Harlina : That sounds gr8!
BCC : Ok the deal is done ! Best of Luck ! Bye !

Hello Guys , friends … please mind that …

* This is fake letter , a email hoax … BCC is not junk software company which will offer 3$ for someone in Philipines…and BCC is term called Blind Corbon Copy….

* If the next persons doesn’t add the company email address in their bcc, then there is no chance for that BCC to know that there is a email flowing like this …

* There so many mails flowing around the world like, this is an improved version with email id and telephone numbers .God save that person’s email box…

I came to know there is a disagree message on Bcc softwares website , telling we are not helping any child who got in accident… 🙂

So please please dont try to fool urself and waste your time and fill ur friends mail box with this junk mail. Stop it…

He he he dont shout that “y ur wasting ur time for this matter” , bcoz am very much busy in thinking how to pass time …


Hard Luck… January 17, 2007

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You are Googling for Shivaji Theme Music, Few sites displays the same. Very curious and eagerness to listen to that song. Blocked by Company’s Firewal 😦
Trying someother sources and links for the same, Finaly u got it …

It should have been very nice to hear na…keep ur headphones close to your ears…
Put volume into peak… Play …

Maya Maya Ellam Maya …Chaya Chaya Ellam Chaya … 😦

What you wil feel if you listen to this ?
Hard LUCK…


Kettavai… January 16, 2007

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Ennathan nee periya dancer-a irunthalum Un saavukku unnala ada mudiyuma ?

🙂 Will make you to laugh… But if you are in sad mood makes you to think ….


Risible Man …. January 2, 2007

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New Year started , TV hannels,magazines,daily news papers,leading websites and corner tea-shop customers all are talking about the hot happenings of year 2006…wt had happened ? whoz the cause, who are all died, wt are the issues happened … I am bored of seeing all those reviews …uffff.. I often remember Bharathi’s words

thaedi choru dhinam thindru
pala chinnanchiru kadhaigal pesi
vaadi thunbam miga uzhandru
pirar vaada pala seigai seidhu
narai koodi kizhapparuvam eidhi
kodum kootrukkiraiyaagi maayum
sila vedikkai manidharai polavey
naanum veezhvenendru nanaithaayo ?

risible men
scavenging everyday for rice
indulging in innumerous small talk
suffering in vain sorrow and pain
sinning and scathing others
aging and greying in due course
dying and disappearing in despair
like some risible men
did u imagine i wud fumble and fall ?

I took this point as my new year resolution.

There are many things in the world , day-2-day life that may irritates you,
Early morning pollution,
Traffic jams,
Non-stop horn sounds,
another irritating FM RJ’s,
Mezhe saiyunthu vizhum pakkathu seat colleague,
Long Q in canteen (separate one for token another one for breakfast)
People who doesn’t care abt the group of people standing in front of them in the Q,
Sweet sambar 😦
Dosa dipped in black paint which can break @ anytime,
My pathedic desk after the weekend,
100s of policies which wil allow u only to browse local intranet sites and makes you to bring the devil inside …
Unidentified texts in the specification document,
Unimaginable count in ur defect tracking system,
Aliens afraid to tell gud morning,
Pathedic pantry tea , which you dont know when it will taste sweet,when it wil not (!),
Amazing lunch,
Nice dressed gals without smile on their face,
Irriating evening crowd,
Disturbing fog,
8.30 pm closing lazy shops,
“TR interview in sun music” watching roommate,
Repeative movies and gameshows,
Horrifying dreams (beautyful Vidhyabalan dancing with sanjay dutt),
Deviling alarm @ morning …

Yes there are so many things in this world to annoy you , to make you mad and crazy…
But Please take a close look on each thing from morning,

Sunshine flowing thru tree , resembling that blessing are coming from sky…
A few drops of dew on the nearest home grass,
Fresh looking school children playing and humming their fav. songs and running…
Refreshing Nayar kadai chaya,
Brisk workers cleaning the whole street,
Reinvigorated Bus driver,
Amusing songs like ( Kanmoodi thirakkum… 🙂 ) listen it on ur own mp3 player or mobile….close ur eyes and dream about ur gal running in slowmotion in ooty 😉
Give a nice smile and way to ur colleague who want to just override you for his dosa, let him achieve something out of it… dont forget the smile..
Send some good morning mails, fresh flowers to ur loved ones to make their morning gr8…
Love your work, so u dont have to force urself on it…
Take a nice break, talk to nice people, always talk positivly, always try to bring smile from others …
Know others interests , and get the special from them … ( 2 days b4 my 85 years old grandma,75 years old grandma and 41 year old Mom were talking about Saddam hussien’s execution and Bush characters on the peak serial time in TV. I cant blv me, so everybody has something to say) So Listen…
Take a kerchief , cover your ears and take a cool ride @ inner ring road by 8 . ( preferably with a friend 😉 )
If time permits cook urself, eat with friends .
@ night read out nice things, remember nice things you have done on that day, make a note of things that irritated you, try to get rid of them…
Put the alarm 30 min b4 as usual and snooze it till ur time and njoy that half sleep..
Make smal goals to acheive…run like a crazy fellow behind it…dont get disappointed if ur not able…jus break ur goal in to smaller..

Ex : Trying to make sambar, step 1 learn to make hot-water 😉 oh…I forgot learn to light on ur gas-stove.. (step .001 find the kitchen in ur home ;))

Hae dont think that I am completely trying to make ur day ulta…or here to write a new book named “jannalai thira , arivu perugatuum…” … Jus asking you wear a cool goggles for all the things ur viewing …

Will this work?Can we simply follow any of them to make our day more sweeter…
Try…Jus smile…Happy New year..Have a gr8 year ahead…
Was trying to record my last year happenings, but suddently these thoughts occupied my mind , so recorded …

Soon : Tanjore Visit – photo blog…