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Resolution time … December 28, 2007

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There are many things in the world , day-2-day life that may irritates you,

Early morning pollution,
Traffic jams,happynewyear.jpg
Non-stop horn sounds,
Irritating FM RJ’s,
Long Q in canteen
People who doesn’t care abt theroup of people standing in front of them in the Q
Sweet sambar 😦
Dosa dipped in black paint and which can break @ anytime
My pathedic desk after the weekend
Aliens afraid to tell gud morning
Pathedic pantry tea which you dont know when it will taste sweet and when it wil not ,
Nice dressed gals without smile on their face
Irriating evening crowd
Disturbing fog
8.30 pm closing lazy shops
Repeative movies and gameshows
Deviling alarm @ morning… and the list goes on … and on….

Yes there are so many things in this world to annoy you , to make you mad and crazy…But Please take a close look on each thing from morning,

Sunshine flowing thru tree , resembling that blessing are coming from sky…
A few drops of dew on the nearest home grass,
Fresh looking school children playing and humming their fav. songs and running…
Brisk workers cleaning the whole street,
Reinvigorated Bus driver,
Amusing songs like ( Kanmoodi thirakkum… 🙂 ) listen it on ur own mp3 player or mobile….
close ur eyes and dream about ur gal running in slowmotion in ooty 😉
Give a nice smile and way to ur colleague who want to just override you for his dosa, let him achieve something out of it…
dont forget the smile..

Send some good morning mails, fresh flowers to ur loved ones to make their morning gr8…
Love your work, so u dont have to force urself on it…
Take a nice break, talk to nice people, always talk positivly, always try to bring smile from others …
Know others interests , and get the special from them …

Listen … yes Listen…

Take a kerchief , cover your ears and take a cool walk.
If time permits cook urself, eat with loved ones , night read out nice things,
Remember nice things you have done on that day,
Make a note of things that irritated you, try to get rid of them…
Put the alarm 30 min b4 as usual and snooze it till ur time and njoy that half sleep..

Make small goals to acheive…run like a crazy fellow behind it…dont get disappointed if ur not able to make it …jus break ur goal in to smaller..

Ex : Trying to make sambar, step 1 learn to make hot-water 😉 oh…I forgot learn to light on ur gas-stove.. (step .001 find the kitchen in ur home ;))

Hae dont think that I am completely trying to make ur day ulta…or here to write a new book named “jannalai thira , arivu perugatuum…” … Jus asking you wear a cool goggles for all the things ur viewing …

Will this work?Can we simply follow any of them to make our day more sweeter…Try…Jus smile…Happy New year..Have a gr8 year ahead…

Hold it ! If anybody got any lightening or small spark on their brain and searching my blog once again…Congrats …Actually this Ctrl+C and Ctrl+v of the last years blog 🙂 Seems interesting still… so jus added few colorful photos to increase the viewers interest on this one …:)

At last ..
Happpppyy new year!!!!


Appy barthdei … December 12, 2007

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Thalaivaa ! Pirantha naal vazhtukkal …


Help – an Update … July 9, 2007

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Good News : Hurray !!! Just came to know that our GRACE orphanage has been adopted by a well established orphanage in Coimbatore (Thanks for the souls who are all worked behind this!).

P.S : So the amount collected is still with me , soon I will be updating you people with the progress of finding a really-need-help-orphanage. Meanwhile if you have personally come across anyone or any place , please keep me informed.Once again Thanks for the support…

Dears and Nears,

This is an update on the money collected for the GRACE orphanage. Thanks for the responses,
thanks for the persons who are all unknown to me , and their contributions (they know only thru the blog).

Till date we collected Rs.8500 , which is a good response,but I expected more from my friends circle. So consider this as second request and forward this to ur friends who are all interested on the same.

P.S 1 : Receipts for the same will reach soon for the donors.
P.S 2: Thanks for Prabhu for giving a link to my post. (I hope this post wil also have link 😉 )

Once again Thanks alot…


Good old days … June 8, 2007

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Let me remember some oldies in all category, (I had also tried to get the same old days pictures , but failed in some cases)

Famous advertisements :

* Washing powder Nirma,washing powder Nirma,Paalai pole venmai , Nirma-vale varume, vanna thuni ellam palapau perume …

* Naan valargirenae mummy… Complan

* A1 cleaning powder …pathirangal palapalkka kannady peenganum meenumeenukka A1 cleaning Powder…

* Solidaire Ad…Solidaire for sports, solidaire for sunday movie, solidaire, solidaire….we want, we want true colors, we want, we want true sound, we know what we want, we want solidaire…solidaire!

* GoldSpot the zing thing …

* Andrum endrum endrendrum Torino..

* Nijam pakkau — Veti petra manudhargal virumbum pakku – nijam pakku , thamboolathirkku sirandhadhu nijam pakku,

* Narasus coffee -Besh Besh Coffenna athu narasus cofeethan …

* Mango Frooti, fresh and juicy

* Enna achu ? kolainthai azhuthathu .. WOODWARDS GRIPE WATER Vaangi kodu ..enna nee chinna kozhanthaiya (correct-a sami?) irukache athuthan koduthen ..

* Vicco turmeric .. illai cosmetic ..vicco turmeric ayuvedic cream (even now you can see these ads in Salem theatres…!)

* Amma pasikuthu … rende nimisham kanna … tintintintindidin…Maggi..two minutes noodles…

* Mile sur mera tumara … Isayindaal… nam iruvarin… suramum namadaahum … NATIONAL INTEGRATION Advertisement ..

* Lifebuoy evvidamo arogyam avvidamme..

* Anjal aluppu marunthu ….

Last but not least …

Payoria palpodi … ilangai singapore malaysia barma (now german) pondra nadugalil ubayogipathu ..gopal palpodi …

Wow ! what a lovely days those are,

Some longlasting serials …

* Mahabaharat….

* Ramayan…

* Chitrahaar…

* Jungle book …

* Oliyum oliyum.. (that too festival time oliyum oliyum is spl)
Deepavali ahuvuma vidiya kalaila ezhunthu kuzhichi, dappasu vedichi, piravu sweet sapitu ,
all will be awaiting to look latest songs … ana correct-a sirappu oliyum oliyum podurathukku just munnale nalla sleepiduven … mathiyam ezhunthu “Yen ennai yeluppi vidalainnu ” azhutha kadaiyellam irukku…

* Vayalum vazhvum..

* Pepsi ungal choice… (UMA)

* Marma desam…

* Sakthi .. ( the first tamil megaserial) ..Banupriya’s

* Surabi (remember Renuka ..)

and more … Good old lovely days …. Wish to have the same ..


Help … May 11, 2007

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An orphanage near the outskirts of gobichettipalayam which doesn’t even have enough facility to even ask for help to the outside world needs some helping hands.

Worst thing is that the orphanage doesn’t even have the basic needs available, and the owner struggles to serve the per day meal for the 50 children aging between 5-15 who dwell under something which in wildest guess can be called as a building.

The only thing that is possible for the owner to do for the kids is that he sends them to a school near by. Apart from that the food, their dress, their living are almost a challenge everyday.

Some of my friends have been already been to this orphanage. During their last visit they collected a handsome amount from their colleagues and we got them fans, tube lights, vessels for cooking as per the orphanage owner’s request.

The details of the orphanage are as follows:

The name of the orphanage is GRACE(Gobi Rural Arts Cultural And Educational Trust),
Vellapalayam Post,
Erode (Dt),

It is run By Mr. K.S.Kalliappan using his own property which he has. This orphanage contains 50 children everyone aging between 5 to 15. All are going to a school near by.

Now the owner is planning to build concrete halls for the children to stay. So we have decided to contribute him by getting cement bags, bricks for the construction. I need help from each of you towards this. Please do let me know if u are willing to spend less and take more credits. Please forward this mail to all ur company friends/colleagues and help me in collecting a huge amount.

The amount will be directly used to building a shelter or for someother major requirements for the orphanage. And this will be carried out either by me directly or with help of some trusted friends from my side.

ATTN : Contributors can contact me on this mail id to get the account details (please mention subject as : TOWARDS ORPHANAGE ).



புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள் !!! April 13, 2007

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புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள் !!!
No Rajini,Kamal,Vijay,Ajith Movie …. Happada !!!!
Hae I heard there going to be “Veerasamy returns” , Is that true ? Vijaya.T.R in two act , annan thambi …sentiment …Annan nallavar,ezhai …thambi panakaran kaetavan…chinna vayasula tsunamila rendu perum pirinchutanga … its gng like that … Trisha , Shreya teaming up for TR …
Expected on Deevali itsims …. 🙂
Dont afraid … jus kidding …. he he he ..
Happy Tamil New year …

Vellai Pookal… December 28, 2006

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Is it always great to listen to your fav. song and write about it?…Yeah… am doing it…This time its ARR…

Song : Vellai pookal
Film : Kannathil muthamittal
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Singer: ARR

I was wondering that this song got a little fame among melody lovers, but when I was in search for the lyrics , I came to know how much it got influenced among the youngsters…

I think it is a wonderful song to remember in the occasion of New year…

“vidiyum Bhoomi amaidhikaaga vidihavae” …
“vidiyum Bhoomi amaidhikaaga vidihavae”…

To more about the movie and the awards won by the movie please refer …(

Please go thru the lyrics and enjoy the song …

— “ulagam vidiyattumae piLLayin sirumugha siRippil” —-

Vellai Pookal
VeLLai PookaL ulagam engum malarhavae
vidiyum Bhoomi amaidhikaaga vidihavae
manmel manjal veluchcham vizhuhavae
malarae sombal muRiththu ezhuhavae
kuzhanthai vizhikattumae
Thaayin katha kathappil
ulagam vidiyattumae
piLLayin sirumugha siRippil (VeLLai)

kaatrin perisaiyil
mazhai paadum paadangalum oru maunam poal inbam tarumooOO
koadi keertanamum kavi koartha vaarthaiygalum thuLi kaNNer poal arththam tharumo (VeLLai)

yengusiru kuzhanthai than kaigal neetidumo
angu thondrayo koLLai nilavae
enghu manidha Inam poar oyinthu sayinthidumo
angu koovadho veLLai kuyilae (VeLLai)

Vellai Pookal (Translation)
Let white(peace) flowers bloom all over the world,
Let peace heal the unrest world(not the best translation),l
et the sun’s rays fall on this soil,
Let the flowers lose their laziness and bloom.

Let the child open its eyes
in the mother’s lullaby
let the world wake up to
children’s laughter

In the breeze’s melody,
In the music created by raindrops,
Is there anything that give utmost joy than silence?
Would a crore melodies and words penned by poets be
as meaningfulas a drop of a tear shed?

Let the moon rise in the place where the child reaches out its hands
Let the white bird sing in the place where there is no war.

Wishing you a Happy New Year ….