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Challenge …. November 23, 2006

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A challenge for u !

Do the following at a strech ,
1) Right click here
2) Save target ..
3) Unzip
4) Listen to it ..
5) write the Comment ..

Voila U have did it …now go and have a Tea 😉


Kanmoodi thirakkumbodhu.. November 21, 2006

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For few days I am keep on humming the song ! There is no consideration for Vijay,Harini or the movie,story …edjetra… Only thing is song is good hear and the way its picturized…

Kanmoodi thirakkumbodhu..
kadavul ethirey vanthathu pola
adadaa en kan munnaadi,
avaley vanthu ninraaley …

The situation is very usual, hero saw herione in a rainy day…both sight adichified w/o others knowledge… closeup to hero , camera from hero face to sky … then this melody … By Devi shri prasad…(whatz the telugu version;) ) ….

kudai illa neram paathu,
kotti poogum malazyai polaa

This situation is very common for us rite,?

azhagaaley ennai nanaithu,
ithuthaan kadhal endraley

adada ! enna oru karpanai ! How many person enjoyed this situation , somebody who fallen in love or Falllll…ing please lemme know…

Azhagana vibathil indru,
Note down Azhagan vibathil !!!
haiyo naan maaddikondheen
thappikka vazhigal irunthum,
vendaam engindreen ….

un peyrum theyriyaathu
un uurum theyriyaathu
azhakaana paravaikku peyar veyndumaa
nee ennai paarkkaamal
naan unnai paarkindreen
nadhiyil vizhum binbathai nila ariyumaa ..

Aha kavithai kavithai !!! pindranappa !

veedhi ullaa nee vanthaal
theru vilakkum kan adikkum
veedu sella suriyanuum……mm adam pudikkumey 🙂

bhoogambam vanthaal kudaa
padharatha nenjam ennathu
poo ondru modhiyathaaley
patrendu sarinthathu indru

Koncham over imagination, still only possible for fellow whoz mad in love to think like this..

No wonder this my caller tune song….waiting for a devathai to sing dedicate this song to her …. So keep listening …


bye bye 54… November 20, 2006

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Almost ten years…All sadness,happiness, quarelles,important decisions , celebrations, milestones achieved….so many things are happened in 54,Rajaji Road, it my old house. We were staying in a rental house provided by my dad’s company. Due to some unavoidable circumtances we need to move to a new bye bye to the good old house… đŸ˜Ļ

Plan ‘pichikko’ started saturday morning and ended in sunday afternoon… We had so many stuffs to move on.. ufff…Hard effort…Now we are in new apartment, surronded by ‘shate’ ji families… As for now I can see only oldies roaming here and there.. need to spend at least a full week to get my database updated. 😉


Casino Royale !!!

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“Even if you get a free DVD of Casino Royale , please dont see it. It’s not worth of it…”
-Comment from a Bond fan ….

đŸ˜Ļ Stil am eagerly waiting to watch it …


Neenga Nallavara?…kettavara? November 17, 2006

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Neenga Nallavara?…kettavara?

No one can forget this dialogue…Y suddenly this Q?Few weeks before our company launched a powerful firewall, which is blocked almost all the sites (required for us! 😉 )
orkut,,flickr,some blogs,All possible downloads,pictures,greetings,songs lyrics sites , y that much ! my fav also !

Yes things are so bad…The relation between the q and this info is that, I was bit surprised on the first day itself by seeing this…even my daily dilbert strip also doesn’t have any pic in that đŸ˜Ļ , Was asking to few of my friends regarding this… Again surprisingly there are diff opinions from them…

f1: Why u need to access orkut in office? its ur personal rite?!
f2: why u wanna chat in office? work then go to internet cafe n chat!
f3: S! this is toomuch , I am allowed to send a greeting to by beloved friends đŸ˜Ļ
f3a: I can’t download songs đŸ˜Ļ
f4: I cant see the score !
f5: Not a big surprise!

After a small analysis, all the guys saying y u need answers having their own broadband in home 🙂 …ok thatz their opinion,nothing to comment on it… Again coming back to same topic the relation between the title and info is, some of my friends are not aware that, the blocks applied for some major (!?) sites. someof them asked me Q, is it? immd. I thought “Oru vela ivanga rombha nallavangalo?!” , So for the past few days to my colleagues am asking the above Q and getting the answers, like “Yes I know , its very bad”, or “is it? even google blocked?” … I donno I can laugh or not for this Q…

Ok, Here the thing is , there are few other questions raising on my mind….

* Getting the work done is in the hand of PL,PM,TM…Not in the network admin.
* The firewall should have intelligence to block restricted site, not like this.
* The company should close cafe’s and appoint securities to watch if anybody standing outside and talking for more than 1/2 hr.
* The phone connection should also be banned.
* Appoint persons to read all mails and scan it properly.
* This is not for all the employees, some of our colleagues are allowed to access nything newhere đŸ˜Ļ

Moreover , our employess travelling 2 hrs (minimum) in the traffic and going under so many things like air pollution,noise pollution,depressions,work pressure ,inflations , and more n more… So employers should understand these things and they should trust their employees…We have resposiblity to finish the work in time, getting gud impression, grabing the opputunities…and so on… So we know when to work ,when to chat, when to relax when to put hardwork …We have intranet site, which allows us to scrap something in it, what if allour employees turn into this and scrap something…instead of scrapping in orkut… ?! So employers should understand and trust their employees…wt say?

Ok some light thoughts …

Wtz on this weekend , long time awaiting Casino Royale release (one of my friend asked any new hotel opening in Blr? 😉 again avar nallavara kettavara ? ) , so gonna watch it in Salem Hopefully in Tamil…:( they are not releasing in English u know….so imaging James Bond , takila in one hand and shakila(UK shakila ;)) in other hand , looking into the screen and telling “Yen peru Bondu, james bondu, yennai mattum illa yen udambulu keera oru m***-a kuda ungalala onnum panna mudiyathu…, Naan solla maten , seiven, ezhunthuten ,varen, kinda dialogues ….” So Ramc Ready for nething da !!!

Catch u guys on monday ..Have a pleasant day and pakka weekend !!!


Tolerance ! November 16, 2006

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Due to heavy work load (?!) I started today by 10 o clock to office. Yes, it is late. Some nice(again ?!) FM songs, I reached office…

Time for breakfast, (Ada Paavi..) , the Queue was already big enough to hide the path. Was standing in the Q. Was reading 😉 the people nearby.A Fat,Short lady was on the phone, talking loudly and trying to get the attention of everyone.In her hand a printout and passport(Show off!!), In between call she was very concern on the Q. Like a policman in new movie release she was controling it…

The Q went inside the cafe and nearing the counter,inside there was another Q with 5 n more people.She got astonished by seeing that. Was shouting @ all , “Dont u people think that there is a Q here, am standing here for more than 10 min..” đŸ˜Ļ but nobody listening to her, now again she got angry, and waiting for a correct time n person. One fellow exactly on parrallel to her, giving the money to counter, thatz it … I tot I need a bunch of cottons for my ear. She yelled to that guy “DONT ACT SMART,WE ARE IN THE Q, U R NOT, I NEVER SAW U STANDING IN THE Q, DO U THINK WE ARE JOBLESS, RIDICULUOS” , that guy was looking her like a chewing gum pasted in a table, and telling her , am also in the Q, but this is different Q,u formed a new Q, 😉 …arguments continued…she never stoped, never given a break, the guy exhausted…she was shouting in highpitch …

Guy: Thanks for the lesson!!
Guy : From tomm, not today!
Guy: u can get a nice sandwidtch in airport or in ur fligh, totally FREE ! 😉
SF: Grrrrrrr…..

She was not at listening and continued, everyone in the cafe turned into her, somebody was laughing, somebody was feeling embrassed.

I donno y people reacting in this way, first the guy, it doesnt matter whether 5 min counts here, because ur already late to the office by 1.5 hrs…moreover there another improper Q in the kitchen counter. So u can wait for ur turn. Next the SF , why she is like this, why the showoff, y much anger in the morning, what happnes if traffice in hosur road gets heavy, wt if flight delayed by 1 hr, She could have her BF earlier if the flight is too urgent, I dont understand anything from her point of view. and after getting the stuff she was caling somebody and chatting w/o taking the BF. Ufffff…Hard to understand her…

Friends, its world tolerance day today…. so wt happens if u wait for 5 more min…what if you open the door and let somebody in first…What if you smile at somebody who has more urgency than u?!Wt if u can adjust ?! Am not trying to tell u to be EnaVana (ask ur tamil friends wt this means?!) …but be patient, stay calm ,stay happy…its just 5 min and ur smile to make somebody comfortable. Wt say?

Have a gr8 day ahead….

(No offense meant..its purely my view….)


Phewwwww….. November 14, 2006

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Priority tasks…
Severity Bugs…
Important feature implementation..
Client meetings…
Transfer of Knowledge…
Uffff.. I became workaholic…a small young chap cant hold this much…
Hee.heee. ok ok all the above are not the reason for pathetic condition of my blog…

Starting bushelling my blog…. Recently recieved a comment from my good old friend,
who surprisingly gone thru my blog , and came up with a compliment and complaint..
that blog is good, talking more about movie reviews… The reason is people can easily forget pleasant dreams,but not nightmares….so All the recent releases are …. 🙂

So wt hpd in my dreams for the past 52 days … lots man…lots…A fundu Diwali,my best friend’s wedding preparations, my good old friend’s gettogathers, return of jedis(some of my friends,from abroad)…improvements in bangalore roads(nearby my
home all the roads bcome good in Quality…:( so need to wait for long time for crossing the road), Some butterflies in Ramc’s mind(will come back to this topic later 😉 ), blockage of major sites in our company (I already lost my contacts with outer world, meebo blocked đŸ˜Ļ )… experienced a wonderful nightmare of the year named as Yey..dandanaka..danakunaka..Vallavan..(review soon)…

What do you think a most difficult part in a product lifecycle , design? developement? testing … no yaar…itz marketting…so ithanala makkalukku sollikarathu ennana? whenver ur clicking on rediff, gmail,orkut,meebo jus also add this site into ur fav. and post ur response… Hoping to continue blogging @least once in a day 😉 …

New Arrivals :

Movie reviews (undoubtly vallavan…)
Songs reviews (latest mindblowers…)
Happenings in and around me …

Hae this is my 500th hit …. cool na ..