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Thendral vandhu ennai thodum… June 28, 2007

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No clear idea whether its 5 or 6 in the morning , from somewhere the smell of eucalyptus flows into the room, a Cuckoo makes a romantic sound just for me(Nature alarm), a cold breeze seeking permission to come to your blanket , an undisturbing pleasant sunlight, Whispers a “Good Morning ” in to your ear … Wow!!! that was a coldest pleasant Sunday Morning in Ooty

I remember this song

” Thendral vandhu ennai thodum,
Sathamindri oru muthamidum”

to be continued …


Red Indians June 27, 2007

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Read in some article …

In the Red Indians community, they had a common rule or tradition that , the arrow of an Red-Indian should not left alone… That means if an arrow is pointed on an object and its not achieved the target , then the RIian should find the arrow and get it back, otherwise they believe that The “unsatisfied” arrow will get in to their enemy’s hand to get revenge…

There are lots of stories about the men who were finding their arrows years together…Strange huh …?


Jilebi … chaii…Sivaji …A View

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The views and opinions are entirely personal and no way related to the people, institutions, organizations that I may or may not be related unless stated explicitly. Also there is no intention to hurt anybody.

Ethukku ivlo build up ? s. Right Guess… I am going to right my experience(ayya nijama vimarsanam illai) on Sivaji – The “Mottai” Boss …. (Right illa write nnu solrathu puriyuthu…athan munnadiye solliten la.. ithellam kandukka kudathu…)

Jute …I booked tickets on the first day noon show, everything is confirmed, AN leave, Transport, lunch, dinner plans , but not the tickets 😦 surprisingly no one punched on my face , when I told no tickets at 15th June 11:00 clock … Number 1 ..

Again I booked 6 tickets on the first day but in a different theatre, but due to unavoidable situations , we (shaving set) cant able to make it (Makkale, I still feel that we missed a gr8 chance to see thalaivar movie on the first day first show (athavathu evening) on same theatre where we saw chandramukhi 😦 ) But one of our hardcore Rajini rasigar used this chance with their friends…And I rcvd live commentaries from him tooo… Number 2 ..

Again we got a chance to watch the movie in OOOOOOty (Waiting for the photos for righting the travelogue) … But due to a punnakku friend’s laziness I again missed this … Number 3…

Again in my home town I tried to book the tickets on the beautiful Saturday , with family. But no tickets .. Number 4…

Again … At last booked the ticket by Sunday .. and I came out successfully from the counter with the tickets in hand, all others in the queue are looking at me like karantu kambam … nai .. , But one of my friends gave a sarcastic smile …

ME : Enna machi .. ? ethukku sirkira ..
Prendu: Iyarkai unakku 4 chance thanthathu , ana manushan-ana nee ellathaiyum waste pannite .. Vidhi vilayaduthu machi … .
ME : Enna Nalu chance ? puriyala
Prendu : ezhuthavaraikkum innoruthadavai padi puriyum ..

Ok coming to the track..
· Annamalai, Padaiyappa, Arunachalam
· Gentleman, Indian, Anniyan

Enna ithellam , with the same story line same Rajinikanth acted , with the same screen play touch Mr.Shankar directed movies are listed above…

If Vijay acted in Sachin – Kushi 2 .. we are nothing to say about it… but if Superstar act in a big moive like this for 3,4,5th time … Hmm..enna solla vithiya .. Is there no other story for Shankar for Superstar in this earth ..huh… Ippo oru kathai contest vaicha kuda egathukku kathai varume …

Ada kathaithan palasu , but puthusa ethavathu kadaivarunnu pona …angeyum ..emartram..
Why in all Tamil movies, the first half is meant for light beginning and the second half meant for high pitched fast moving screen plays…Y cant we stir up the same enthusiasiam from the beginning (Speed, Hulk, Airforce on ,Diehard series, memento (amam Gajini than),the Bourne’s identity and so many) .. Y cant Shankar can think of any thing like this… So as mentioned first half went very light with some poor jokes and kaiyai thookki kannathula soriyum scenes, and pombalaingale thammadikka veliya pogum songs sequences…

Second half, as usual saval vitta thailaivar defeating the villain … with again poor dialouges like “Panninga, singam ” …ussssss.mudiyala .. A misplaced intro song in the second half…A unwanted new getup for thalaivar as per the story line…a unwanted forgery of Passport,GC,driving license, for thalai’s new avatar… ayyooo… a unsuccessful attempt of Matrix fight… For a villain like Suman I think this fight is too much … Nothing impressive in this Fight… No directorial touch in the end..Only Masala smell…

Rajini… Still wonder in his 60’s how this man, walks,talks,dance,moves this much speed…?Enna kayakalpam sapdringa thalaiva .. It’s obvious that to bring down the age by half using the make-ups and outfits.. But Thalai tried and almost won in this … He looks pretty good … Applause to his new getup change…intha galathula vagudu mathi edukamale sila per nadichitu thiriyarappo thalaivar mottai special than (Ana mottai padam ellam flop agumo … ex: Alavandhan)

Shreya… Tamil ponnu only in introduction scene (I remember that BOYS graphics girl in temple… she fits in that) …But Hollywood actress impact in songs … She fits in to all the outfits…

Vivek… Not much impressive, I liked him in Anniyan much … “Ennala nambave mudiyalada?”
Suman… Thee sumana ithu …amma…sonna mathiri pannithan …

ARR … Poppa..
Sujatha … En sir?
Shankar … Adutha padam enna sir..?
KV Anath .. eppo intha introduction song-la akela crane use pandratha vidunvinga…
Thottatharani… Set potta pinnadi , director intha song-a outdoor la edukalamnu sonna enna pannuvinga…

Shankar : Appdaiye rendu helicopter vandhu mothuthu sir, athula irunthu erinchikitte vanthu Thalaivar sirkirar ..
Peter Hein : Fainted… Ama antha Car fight scenela vangina pommai kar ellam enna panningana (ayyo sami mudiyalada antha fight sequence)

Office room-il adivangum Auditor… sollikuduthatha nalla panninar…Pazhaya paperkadai muthalali … 2 scene la vanthalum pachakkunu manasila nikrar… 😉

ayyo amma ippadi padathila egapatta characters ..ega patta scenes .. all the scenes framed with Superstar…

Whatz missing …
* Rajini pinnadiye alaiyum heriones… thatz definitely diff in this …
* 10-12 Jalras behind Rajini, with a proper interval Pugazh pading about Thalaivar…
* Oru nachu dialogue… Athiruthuilla Dialogue eppadi vanthu irukanum ??? 😦
* Unusual Rajini’s Style ..I really dissatisfied with Rajini’s style in this movie everything is usual and seen.. (remember Padaiyappa’s oonjal scene…)
* Sujatha’s clever dialogues…
* Shankar’s intelligence and directorial touch(Indian : unakka yen paiyanai evlo nala theriyum? , Manisha: 3 years-a , Indian : ennakku 30 varushama theriyum )

Whatz needed …
* A good story line ..
* Parapara screen play .. ( am not demanding gr8 story, gr8 screenplay and dialogue, for Rajini , if it is a good then He himself make that as Gr8.. Padaiyappa is example..)
* Pakkavana dialogues ..
* Padu interesting-a sila pala scenes..
* Peperappe nnu sila comedy scenes ..
* Pothum Mathathellam Rajini parthupar ..

but i.s.o all the above , u jus see the results that Sivaji produced…
-The Boom in the Cinema industry (Even 17 other movies releases are postponed)
-The workers involved in the movies, and their gains and pains..
-The amount that Government earned from this movies (in karnataka alone 11 Lakh per day for Tax department – for 11 theatres … yammadi ….)
-The banner,cutout, posters industry…
-Cnn Ibn,Headlines,Sun Tv, makkal Tv, local Murugan tv channel , Ananda vikatan,kumudham,kathambam varaikkum vasulana amount..
-Internet browsing centers (for Sivaji trailers and photos…)
-Mobile service providers (ringtones, callertunes, wallpapers and etc..)
-Bloggers …

ufff the list is large…Thalivar Thalivar than … Enna kannu naan solrathu … So Thalaiva u go ahead with acting in many more movies as u can, I wish 2 movies in a year, so that the Panapuzhakkam and news for all the medias can get their headlines, spl programmes.. and all the Tamilnadu gets some job some how involved…

Sivaji….Namma vayila Jilebi (sugar kammiyana jilebi)


Cinematographer cum Director Jeeva Passed away ! June 26, 2007

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Well-known cinematographer and director Jeeva (43) died in Moscow today following cardiac arrest, family sources said.

Jeeva was shooting for a Tamil film ‘Dhaam Dhoom’ starring ‘Jeyam’ Ravi and Kangana Raut in the Russian capital.

He passed away at 3 am, the sources said.

Jeeva started off as a camera assistant and turned cinematographer later. He worked with Tamil film director Shankar in blockbusters like ‘Gentleman,’ ‘Kadhalan’ and ‘Indian.’
He has also worked in Bollywood films–‘Hul Chul,’ ‘Bhaagban,’ and ‘Hera Pheri’.
Jeeva turned director with ’12B’ and ‘Ullam Ketkume’, which got rave reviews while his recent release ‘Unnale Unnale’ was a hit.

His body is expected to be brought back to the city tomorrow for the final rites, the sources said.
He is survived by wife, who is a costume designer and three children.

Courtesy : The Hindu


What Google can do to you ?! June 14, 2007

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An interesting posting ,,29307,1630926,00.html


ennathu ithu sollungo? June 11, 2007

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Bay Area Park Theatre 6/14/2007
New Jersey CinePlaza @ Columbia Park 12 6/15/2007
Atlanta Galaxy Cinema Theater 6/14/2007
Austin AMC Theaters @ Barton Creek Mall(Barton Creek 14 6/22/2007
Bay Area Camera 3 Cinema 6/14/2007
Bloomington The Princess Theater 6/14/2007
Boston Entertainment cinemas (Fresh Pond) 6/14/2007
Boston West Newton Cinema 6/16/2007
Boston(Belmont) Belmont Studio Cinema 6/17/2007
Cedar Rapids Galaxy 16 theaters 7/1/2007
Chicago Bloomingdale Court Theaters 6/14/2007
Cleveland Parma Theater 6/24/2007
Columbus Screens at the Continent 6/24/2007
Delware Cine Center 3 6/23/2007
Denver Harkins 18 Theaters 6/17/2007
Detroit Detroit Desi Cinema 6/14/2007
Germantown Forest Hill Cinema 8 6/14/2007
Indianapolis The Historic Artcraft Theatre 6/17/2007
Indianapolis IMAX Theater 6/15/2007
Little Rock Riverdale 10 movies 6/18/2007
Los Angeles Laemmle7 6/14/2007
Los Angeles Plaza 3 Cinemas 6/14/2007
Madison West Gate Theater 6/17/2007
Milwaukee Oak Creek Value Cinema 6/17/2007
Minneapolis Brookdale 8 Theater 6/14/2007
New Haven Cine 1-2-3-4 6/22/2007
New York Silver Screen Theatre 6/24/2007
Phoenixville Colonial Theater 6/23/2007
Pittsburgh Screen works 14 (Star City Cinemas ) 6/23/2007
Portland Cornelius 9 Cinema 6/21/2007
Raleigh Galaxy Cinema 6/14/2007
Rhodes Island Patriot Cinemas – East Providence 6/23/2007
San Antonio Northwest 14 Theatre 6/24/2007
Seattle Totem Lake Cinema 6/14/2007
Silver Spring (VA)(MD)(Tamil) P and G Wheaton Plaza 11 6/15/2007
Spring Hills(Tampa) Touch star Cinemas,SpringHill8 6/22/2007
St.Louis Wherenbergh St. Charles 18 cine 6/15/2007

Watz going on !

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U turn in to all the news channel (except sun,jaya) , Almost all the media (Tv Channels , New paper, Mobile Ads, Internet, FM, next house maid) …everybody talking about India’s next coach ! I mean Indian Cricket Team’s next coach… but its looks like we are celebrating like we are going to select our next president !!! Watz up Media ? Y this much hullabulla ? Y this much importance ?

A week before the council announced that Mr.John Emburey, Mr.G.Ford and are contacted for this position, but unfortunaltely we are not able to give anymore details on Mr.XYZ ,coz we can’t contact him ! How bad is this ? A person who can’t be contacted at that point had been selected for the process , what a gr8 way of selecting a person for the most-awaited position !!! Ok !

Look now ! Mr .G.Ford won the race ! He got selected as New Indian Coach after 2 hourse of BCCI meeting … But ..but Just 48 hours after he was named the coach of the Indian team by the BCCI, former South Africa coach Graham Ford has declined to take up the job. (Thanks CNNIBN..for the most important news…) .. I dont have any word to say on this ? Now what ?
again name a person and same story continues ??? And other side people are debating whether a Indian must be a coach ? Comeon !


Motorola stinks !!!

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…Yes ! Come on Motorola ! We had sent man to the Moon ! But still ur not able to give a perfect mobile as output ! You remember Alawandhan Logo ! Thatz my face now !

Almost after 10 months of usage Iam facing a Big issue , My mobile (Motorola v3i RAZR)is no longer working !

It is stylish , slim phone by Moto. It was very good at the beginning ! But later issues are on … Somedays back ,during the call, My mobile got disconnected suddenly and a white blank screen appears followed by “No service” for five 2 10 minutes… But Now the mobile is not atall functioning … Thinking what to do ? Waiting for the permission to buy a new one 😉 Ideas welcome !!!


Good old days … June 8, 2007

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Let me remember some oldies in all category, (I had also tried to get the same old days pictures , but failed in some cases)

Famous advertisements :

* Washing powder Nirma,washing powder Nirma,Paalai pole venmai , Nirma-vale varume, vanna thuni ellam palapau perume …

* Naan valargirenae mummy… Complan

* A1 cleaning powder …pathirangal palapalkka kannady peenganum meenumeenukka A1 cleaning Powder…

* Solidaire Ad…Solidaire for sports, solidaire for sunday movie, solidaire, solidaire….we want, we want true colors, we want, we want true sound, we know what we want, we want solidaire…solidaire!

* GoldSpot the zing thing …

* Andrum endrum endrendrum Torino..

* Nijam pakkau — Veti petra manudhargal virumbum pakku – nijam pakku , thamboolathirkku sirandhadhu nijam pakku,

* Narasus coffee -Besh Besh Coffenna athu narasus cofeethan …

* Mango Frooti, fresh and juicy

* Enna achu ? kolainthai azhuthathu .. WOODWARDS GRIPE WATER Vaangi kodu ..enna nee chinna kozhanthaiya (correct-a sami?) irukache athuthan koduthen ..

* Vicco turmeric .. illai cosmetic ..vicco turmeric ayuvedic cream (even now you can see these ads in Salem theatres…!)

* Amma pasikuthu … rende nimisham kanna … tintintintindidin…Maggi..two minutes noodles…

* Mile sur mera tumara … Isayindaal… nam iruvarin… suramum namadaahum … NATIONAL INTEGRATION Advertisement ..

* Lifebuoy evvidamo arogyam avvidamme..

* Anjal aluppu marunthu ….

Last but not least …

Payoria palpodi … ilangai singapore malaysia barma (now german) pondra nadugalil ubayogipathu ..gopal palpodi …

Wow ! what a lovely days those are,

Some longlasting serials …

* Mahabaharat….

* Ramayan…

* Chitrahaar…

* Jungle book …

* Oliyum oliyum.. (that too festival time oliyum oliyum is spl)
Deepavali ahuvuma vidiya kalaila ezhunthu kuzhichi, dappasu vedichi, piravu sweet sapitu ,
all will be awaiting to look latest songs … ana correct-a sirappu oliyum oliyum podurathukku just munnale nalla sleepiduven … mathiyam ezhunthu “Yen ennai yeluppi vidalainnu ” azhutha kadaiyellam irukku…

* Vayalum vazhvum..

* Pepsi ungal choice… (UMA)

* Marma desam…

* Sakthi .. ( the first tamil megaserial) ..Banupriya’s

* Surabi (remember Renuka ..)

and more … Good old lovely days …. Wish to have the same ..


teemu meetingu … June 7, 2007

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Asaloorla irukkappo, ellam vellikilamai rendu manikku (nalla thooka mappu appo)
team meeting poduvainga …

ella perunthalaingalum avanavan antha vaaram seincha velaiya summarize pannuvanga…

Naanum rombha sashtangama antha meetungala monday morning palla vilakanathula irunthu, friday mathiyam paruppu satham sapita varaikkum solluven..

ana antha koombala orutha(r)n mattum eppo paaru … bug fix .. apdinnu solitu .. mottuvalaiya pakka arambichiduvan … varavaram same line but with different modulations…Buggggg fixing..bug fix..buuuuuuug fiiiiixxx… evanum ethaiyum detailed-a sollra mathiri illa… Seri oru nall napaisaila nanum “bug fix” solli mudiciten… evanum ethuvum ketkalai..

so intha oru vaarthai vaichikittu oru masam team meeting ottinen…ennake bore adichitathu… Eppdithan enga manager-kku mookla verthatho thella…correcta antha vaaram naan bug fix nu sonnappo .. “can u jus explain ” apdinnu oru kelviya potutaru .. seat theichata epdi vilakama explain panrathu ? muthalla seat-a neat clean pannittu… ok..ok..

Agaaa.ithukkuthane wait pannikitu irunthen! Thirumbavum arambichen ennoda monday morning schedule-a irunthu … naan solla solla .. etho tamil pada song mathiri ..nadu naduvulu ezhuthu tham,tea adikka sila paer poitange…Oru vazhiya friday kitta reach agumpothu.. enno manager ennoda kodumai thangama … podum .. niruthikko apdinnutaru ..

Ithai yean ippo solrenna almost 1 year agithu apdi oru team meeting pottu … Exactly 1 year from my belgium return ..