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Do u like Rajma — A Rajma Story March 29, 2006

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When I start this story itself , am started laughing coz of the exp. I had with
Rajma. even some my friends mailing me and asking for that story … So …

From school days I used to know some “ma” s … thema..pulima … (tamil literature)
When my kannada roomie asked “do u like rajma” … I was wondering … thousands questions
in my mind … watz rajma … kannada literature ?… if so .. whatz there to like it ?
am replied him .. “watz Rajma?” ..he given me a sarcastic look …
“how many years ur in blr?” …”2 years approximately” …”still u donno rajma?”
…”Am sorry is it like important concept polymorphism in OOPS, rajma-karnataka”..
“rajkumar-karnataka” ok …. “rajma-karnataka”? I was interested …

“Tell me my frnd watz that rajma”… “Itz a kind of beans(red beans?)” … 😦
“Am special in making simple, but b4 cooking u need soak for 8 hours…”

So I need to wait for 1 day to taste the Rajma …waited ..waited ..waited..
the day came..actually kitchen in our house is small .. if two person want to stand
their u r head will hide another persons vision …so I was given full freedom
to my roomie to cook rajma ..with a gr8 confidence in him… I was watching some
junk serials in TV…after some time..mustard blasting …
masala smell…some vessels sound…water bioling sounds… my eagerness is going high
…after 30 min…I can see the acheivement in my roomie face…but in a corner
a small guilyness also …I was asking “howz rajma came?” …”Yup! fine but I made
some extra amount … ” ….”let me c” …. I never saw my cooker filled with
this much of food ever !!! He was smiling and “We wil keep for tommorow also”
and I heard it as “for 2 weeks also” …. 😉

Am normally have different taste in food ..wt ever dhal u put .. which is not mixed
in food ..i wl separate them and eat the sambar … (starnge huh ??!!)

But that day my taste andstyle differed … I can separate … properly saying …
If I do so finally I need to eat white rice…:(
So I mixed with rice … with gr8 expectation (as I told in previous paras) ..
I started eating … taste was .1 less than “OK” … somehow I finished .. and given
the comment to my roomie “Yup! well !” (in mind: “Yup! Well I finished it atlast”)

But the problem is the amount he cooked .. So that 4 days went with Rajma ..r..a..j…m..a…week…

after sometime we returned to normal daily routine … suddenly one fine day when I
woked up from my bed …I saw a recolored thing floating in water in a vessel …
I was scared … scared like in my childhood I saw “evil dead” (even with 100 people along)
… but its already written in rajma that one for me ;)… but this time is my turn and
the amount of rajma also small… so I made it in my style … atlast watever I Put
it given same taste … but this time I made so much of gravy that I can carefully avoid those
rajma’s … 😉

So … story ends here or not … nope … not so soon … I wil not leave you …
coz rajma dint leave me so soon … the same week my roomie asked a expert who
is telling himself as “Rajma expert” to make rajma for us at the weekend the week end ..
friday night..the day came …same rajma…same taste ..same differentiation method I applied …
I finished it …

I never dreamed that this question let me into this much struggle “do u like Rajma” …. sounds like my tamil teacher asking me “thema vilakuga?” (do you know thema means?) … with a long stick
in his hand …;)

Roz kao Rajma ….. ding tong da ding..


First Blog

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Well … Do you guys know what is the meaning of “eththi vidarathu” (tamil) … ?

for those who donno …
It means some xyz praising you alot and making you to fly in sky for
untolerable,irritating things done by you,
why? You would have bought a free cup of nice tea to that XYZ…
Thatz the exact reason your reading this blog page (ofcourse a first blog by me) … 😉
(anyway thanks XYZ…)

But anyway I would like to share the interesting things viewed,experienced,
heard,read (??!!) by me… and I am giving you the guarantee that it will be
really interesting ..

I am sure in some of the blogs you will see the real Ramachandran, who never
shuts his mouth for anything and keep on commenting …

Last but not least, some years back my dad told this to me
” If you think at the end of the day , it was a wonderful day …
U might have made somebody to laugh a lot … So keep it up !!!”

Keep reading … keep commentingkeep smiling 😉
Here we go ….