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Sivaji Trailer Released ! May 30, 2007

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Sivaji the boss Trailer !!!

Thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!


Ore Rate than Sir !!! May 21, 2007

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I had ordered onion rava and my friend Rava dosai particularly …coz he doesnt like onion… few minutes later , the server served two onion Rava for both us.. I got confused , and called him, we ordered one onion rava and one plain rava… Server replied very calmly and cool ” Sir ! Rendum ore rate than sir!” …. Now ,what is this? anybody asked about the rate, anybody concerned on my purse’s weight… I called him again , and replied in Very strong tone “Hello ! I need one Plain rava, can u take this and give us what we ordered?” …. He gave a sarcastic look and took the plate…

I dont really know the motive of that server, thou it is a very smal incident , I couldn’t get the point here. Will this work in all the case, you ask for tubelight, shop owner gives a pulb and saying “Rendum ore rate than sir” … U are asking ticket for Shivaji, counter person giving ticket for ‘Veerasamy’ and says both tickets are same cost … arrrggggg…. Wt if you finish a activity with completly changed functionality and tel your supervisor that both efforts are same ? 🙂 haha…

Problem is comprising attitude… Will write more this …


Nikkumo Nikkatho…

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Pongal,Diwali,Tamil new year,Krishnaswamy Jayanthichai KrishnarJayanthi …these are the some the occasions I wore Dhoti(Vaetti..gna) ! I do wear Dhoti for some temple visit just to get good name among my grandparents (ama! nijama ithuthan reason, no other reasons like get attracted in the crowd 😉 ) …

So , yes u guessed right. I worn Dhoti on tis weekend,yes again right, temple visit… ISKON,Mahalakshmi and anjaneya temple in Mallerswaram. We friends gathered and planned for a small holy trip… Me and my friend worn dhoti and my wouldbe in Saree…(oru devathai vanthu vittal ennai thedi…

The visit was pakka, and Bf is also good , but we faced very major issues, like ,
I can see a fear or kalavaram in the rest of the gang’s face thru out the Trip, reason : Mine and My friend’s Vetti (read the title here) … but as we both are very trained and very much comfort with dhoti we have no problems of wearing the same for whole day …

The another issue is, We had felt a very bad smell in the vehicle we travelled (Qualis) ,its the smell of a dead rat.uuuuvvvveee..Ya me too had same thing throughout my journey. In the beginning I felt that the smell is because of my friend, I am not sure whether he took bath or not 🙂 , but later everybody felt the same, so We informed the driver about this, he was very casual and replied “Vandi rendu naala ooti poirunthathu , athan sir” , when he said this I could remember “Hmmm.maadu nethu fulla veyilla ninnucha,athan moru suda irukku…” – Kanaka, from Karagattakaran .. :O

“Anna! Ithukku mela engala vandi utkara mudiyathu ehtavathu pannunga” – a cry from my friend…So soon after our first temple visit, the gr8 driver had thought about our concern and came to a small conclusion, He bought a “ZATAK” – SETWET parfume, to avoid the bad smelling… but the result was totaly upside down… ZATAK+RAT Smell produced more uuuvveeee sounds inside the van…

So whole trip went on uuuvvee+ zzzzzzzzzzzzzkkkkkkkk (spray) + “Dei nee nijama innukku kulichiya?” questions ….
After the trip we reached my friends home, had a comfort Lunch + ice cream + watched chennai 600028 (review later..illa vendom refer here)

So ipppadiyaga Ennudaiya sundayva kolai panna driver than annikku kulikalainnu news kedaichathu

Secret revealed : My friend used his newly bought belt to give the support for his dhoti …and he dint worn the underwear ( hae stop stop I meant that pattapatti drowser, Rajkiran,ramarajan,Gounder..remember yes that drowser…)


Cheeni Kum – songs review May 16, 2007

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How to start? How to review? how to explain my expressions …Uffff
Ellavithamana kalavaiyana unnarchigal ,

Paravasam – after listening to “a long time back Ilayaraja’s Violin piece and Keyboard plays”

Accharyam – after listening to Mandram vantha,Kuzhazuthum kannanukku by Shreya Ghosal… (irunthalum ammani , namma Janaki pakkam varamudiyathu ungala)

Kachitham – after listening to the Theme music

Varutham – after listening to Sooni Sooni by Vijay prakash…(mein hoon yaha..too hai kaha?) .. lack of creativity in lyrics or what .. I heard these lines in hindi songs from 1980’s … Also can’t
compare SPBVijay prakash style of singing…

Perumitham – That high pitch in MadramVantha is not attended by anyone (shreya,vijay) 🙂 coz not required in that situation ???

Chinna periya varuthamSPB could have sung Sooni sooni 😦 agagagagaga eppdi iruthurukkum.

Kutram – Y cant Ilayaraja scored all set of new songs for this movie, y all the songs are taken from tamil
Sooni Sooni, CheeniKumMandram Vantha (MounaRagam)
Jaane Do naaVizhiyile (Nooravathu Naal)
Baatein HawaKuzhaluthum kannanukku

Kuzhappam – All the songs are perfectly remixed with latest instruments , missing old tabla and also the fine flute sequence in Baatein Hawa

Santhegam – Whether All our greatest hits will win the northy’s heart also ???

About Theme music —hmmm.. hotels like mayuri, nandhini can buy this album and play the theme music for their lunch sessions… what a score ? samiyar samiyarthannnn

At the end , a fine album by Ilayaraja , which gives his old melody blended with latest trend computerized instruments and latest voices…

Expecting the movie … Amitabh , Tabu , PC SreeRam, IlayaRaja Wt to say ? where is the ticket ? Vaangapppa vaanthu agavendiya velaiya parungappaaaaaa….

Ok … start mujikkkk….


Thirumbavum ….

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Athu enda ennai parthu antha kelvi ketta?”

You remember Goundamani asking Senthil the above question … Likewise ennakkunne sila case vanthu matrathu … Today morning was doing the research on my office canteen chatney, thannila thengai athigama potutangala illa thenga udaikkum pothu thanniya vadikatta maranthutangalannu

Appo vandhar oru Mr.Pithala sombhuThalayan, (Yes he was dyed his hair like that), he came and sit on next to me , without asking any questions (usually I wl ask & expect the question before occupying the seat,”is it free?” ) …

cheri ponapoguthunnu onnum sollama, ennudaiya adutha araichikku ponen…meanwhile namma P.S.thalai was nondifying my friend’s book which was on the table, again without asking any question. This time I am really irritated..

Thought to ask ” dei ungalaiellam pethangala illa seichangala?” … but the dosa which occupied my mouth was not allowed to ask the same…

Then he moved to some other table , as his friends shifted the table. hmmmmintha parota thalaigallam eppo thiruntha pogutho

Its a good table manners , to ask somebody who is already sitting in a table, b4 occupying the place, also b4 pulling the chair from the table to avoid the Usual Tamil cinema comedy scene there….

I remember , a guy who was having BF in the same table, told “excuse me!” before leaving the table, even we both never know each other and never talked …. 🙂 Oru azhugaiya vanthathu..
nammalayum manushana mathichiavan rombha nallavan..

(BTW whatz the title “thirumbavum” means here …. silarukku puriyumnu ninaikiren)


Help … May 11, 2007

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An orphanage near the outskirts of gobichettipalayam which doesn’t even have enough facility to even ask for help to the outside world needs some helping hands.

Worst thing is that the orphanage doesn’t even have the basic needs available, and the owner struggles to serve the per day meal for the 50 children aging between 5-15 who dwell under something which in wildest guess can be called as a building.

The only thing that is possible for the owner to do for the kids is that he sends them to a school near by. Apart from that the food, their dress, their living are almost a challenge everyday.

Some of my friends have been already been to this orphanage. During their last visit they collected a handsome amount from their colleagues and we got them fans, tube lights, vessels for cooking as per the orphanage owner’s request.

The details of the orphanage are as follows:

The name of the orphanage is GRACE(Gobi Rural Arts Cultural And Educational Trust),
Vellapalayam Post,
Erode (Dt),

It is run By Mr. K.S.Kalliappan using his own property which he has. This orphanage contains 50 children everyone aging between 5 to 15. All are going to a school near by.

Now the owner is planning to build concrete halls for the children to stay. So we have decided to contribute him by getting cement bags, bricks for the construction. I need help from each of you towards this. Please do let me know if u are willing to spend less and take more credits. Please forward this mail to all ur company friends/colleagues and help me in collecting a huge amount.

The amount will be directly used to building a shelter or for someother major requirements for the orphanage. And this will be carried out either by me directly or with help of some trusted friends from my side.

ATTN : Contributors can contact me on this mail id to get the account details (please mention subject as : TOWARDS ORPHANAGE ).



What is required ? what is not ?

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Rajini should come to politics or not ?

Kamal should join with gowthami or not ?

Vijay should try different getups or not?

Ajith should try to act in big directors movie or not?

Nayanthara should accepted simbhu or not?

Vijayakanth has majority in TN politics or not?

Dr.RamDoss should be awarded for Nobel or not?

Thayanidhi maran should give free computers to TN people or not?

JJ should be outspoken to reporters or not?

Ananthakannan should try a operation in mumbai or not?

Don’t get confused , these are topics I am suggesting to Dinakaran to make more survey on and make TN people more clear on their future.

Whose will be successor of DMK, whose is pet for Mr.Karunanidhi? These are the questions which claimed 3 peoples life in Madurai on 9th of May 2007. The actual problem is ,the result is very much supportive to M.K.Stalin, younger son of Mr.Karunanithi,CM,TN. (70% to MKStalin,2% to MKAlagiri,2% to Kanimozhi, others to others)This results created a huge dissatisfaction among MK.Alagiri,elder son of CM.(That to the results from Madurai, is nowhere supportive to MK.Alagiri). Angry supporters of MKAlagiri, surrounded Dinakaran office and set ablaze started the riots. They also set fire to some public assets and private vehicles.

“After setting the office on fire, the accused left by warning that anybody publishing news against Azhagiri would be burnt alive.” R we lining in India ?

Three of the Dinakaran’s employee where killed in this incident. The Smoke and fire caused of petrol bombs thrown inside the office killed them. Now whatz the answer ,from Police? We will arrest the persons “whoever” behind this riots. from Kalanidhimaran ? It is attack against media freedom.from Karunanithi? he was against the publication of the poll on his possible successor and had requested twice that it be stopped. Referring to his daughter and poet Kanimozhi being featured in the poll, he said she had sometimes subtly and sometimes openly made it known that she was not interested in politics.

Watz the problem here , whoz the reason , is it the clash between Maran’s and MK’s Family ,or in between Stalin and Alagiri ? or DMkchennai and DMK-Madurai? Whoz the benificiary here?MK,Stalin,Alagiri,KalanidhiMaran,JJ,Vijayakanth,publi , yes of course the public who is very much interested in this poll.

I can’t see any possible future of TN politics here, Media got the news to fill their pages,Jaya TV, sun TV got another month to fight with each other, after that some other problems,some other media coverage , But what about the three who lost their lives and their family members ?
Why cant the survey made by the papers be more productive and efficient to the society,
Free color TV or Free toilets ?Free gas connection or reducing price for oils?Free 2 acre land or More investment for converting sea water to pure water ?

wt say people ?

(PS : Hello!!! Attn: X-supporters this is just a view of a simple prajai in India , dont show ur anger and strength on me and do something to my room in Bangalore 😉 )
* X – DMK,ADMK,Vijayakanth,MKStalin,MKAlagiri,Vijay,Ajith,Kamal,Rajini ..etc ..,

Thanks : “The Hindu”,”Dinamalar


Dhasavatharam Stills … May 4, 2007

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Courtesy :

Thanks thalaivi …. 😉


Unnale..Unnale.. May 3, 2007

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“June ponal julai katre” … vareh vaahhh! enna karuthuuu… I think many of u had seen this
song in Sun music many times, and made an impression to watch the movie…. I will say u
better watch sunmusic daily at the same time…Anyways for next tamilar thirunaal, this movie
will be in ur TV “Indiya tholaikatchigalil …”

U would crossed a movie in which Vivek taking up a role “karuthu kandasami” … What happens
if all characters in a movie take this role ??? not as a comedian …but seriously advicing each scene… uffff…pothumda sami…

Review : ennathe review panni ? ennathe ? But still as thalaivar said ” Naalu perrukku
nallathu pannanumna “…ding ding ding da doing …. To save my friends I am writing this …
Hae , tel me how u wil feel if everything and everybody in ur life are connected , Mornig u
wake up , goto tea shop , that tea shop owner is ur onnu vitta sittapa … Go to K.mangala in
auto, surprise that autodriver is ur closest friend’s relative, u buy a movie ticket , in the
counter , hae … he is ur mama’s wife’s annan’s mamnar…

Yes , the same here in the movie … Hero – a “live the current moment” (hae thatz my slogan
toooo!!!) falls in love with Sada (or saada) at first sight, then becoz of her suspicious
attitude their love breaks-off… Hero is vazhisal party to all the girls, and justifies that
as “take-it-easy” policy 😦 kashtamda …

Hero leaving to Australia, he finds a bubbly next seat girl, whoz is fond of friendship, she
becomes gud friend of our hero, surprise She is roommate of our heroine in Australia, But how
come our heroine in australia , that to in same city, echikuchmy , ur watching tamil movie,
u shud leave ur brain at pop-corn counter… So again some dash-bash between hero and

One fine day , Hero meets a tamilian in Australian hotel, remember that butti guy in ullam
ketkume , Parthasarathy…Jeeva was in a thinking that he can use P.S as comedian , but
paavaam ethuvum workout agalai…So now 4 gang roams around Australia and they keep on talking abt love, issue ,love, issue…

At the end , hero joins our bubbly girl, heroine has left alone in some other city , with a
self – satisfaction that, she failed in love without understanding our hero… ThankGod the
movie ends here…

Yes you can write the story in the back side of the bus ticket…The best thing u can do is
download the songs from xyz site, and enjoy it … Really its worth to listen the songs , or
to watch the songs .. Thanks to Harris and Jeeva , who helped the film to run for 3 hrs …

Last but not least, I heard some claps in the theatre for the following dialouges, gimme a
comment on this…

Hero: Neenga boys-a partha athu jus looking, athe naanga girls partha “Vazhiyarom-a?”

Hero : Girls-kku ore problem boys than… Boys-kku ore santhosam girls than…
Visil, claps

Hero : Bubblegum and girls are same…both wil be sweet at the beginning stage, later no
taste at all… Clapppppsss…

Ayyoo sami thangalaida …

Jeeva please continue with ur wonderful cinematography , at times u can contact Mr.Harris for
a separate album … Otherwise if ur in a mood to direct any movies plz goto africa ….

Attu padam parthu azhuvum valibar sangam…


Customer service na enna naina ? May 2, 2007

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Customer service na enna naina ?
Customer (me) enters in the shop..The staffs are already “Eeeee ottifying” .. but no one is eager to approach me …
Me : Hello ! Sir ! Madam ! Yaaravathu irukingala ?
Staff : Hae ! Enna venum ?
Me : (Not defenitely pazhaya satham from u!) Service thanga…
S : Huh !! ennathu …
M : Ithu ..vandhu … photo service kadaithanga … photo service venum…
S : enna service ? developing-a? printing -a ?
M : Illa engagement-ku photo edukanum ..
S : Seri
M : (I think I am givin u a business ! not disturbing u !) Serinaa..
S : eppo ? enga?
M : oh ! seri nna eppo enga nnu arthama ?
S : matter-ai sollunga …
M : date … time … place …
S : ok ..
M : rate ?
S : work mudichathukaparam vangikoram!
M : Ohhh…paravayillaiye … ( Dei … ) Evlo rate nnu kaeten ?
S : ….
M : Rombha Cheap -a irukke …Marriage varaikkum ithulaiye eduthuduvingala ?
S : Hello .. enna nakkala…ithu engagement kku matum than…
M : Athigama iruke !
S : Quality -a parunga …
M : illaina …
S : koraichikalam ..
M : oh… Besh! Nalaikku marakkam intha time kku vanthudunga…
S : sure..
(Next day)

1) M : (Its time ! calling the photostudio ! )
2) Other end : Doink…doink…doink…
3) M : (trying the landline no.)
4) Other end : Tring ..tring ..tring …
after 1/2 hour : count ++ …. if count < 3 go to 1) else 5)

5) M : utanuga deel-a
6) X :Hello !
M : Yaaru ? yenna?
X : From photo studio …
M : engana poiirunthingo ?
X : koncham late-agiduchu…
M : paravyilla sonna mathiri engagement kku vanthutinga ..
X : Sir?
M : illa sonna mathiri correct-na idathukku vanthutinga ..

After the function
M : I need a copy of the these photos without designs (me and my fiancee in taj mahal, white house, in moon, me looking in to mottu valayam…fiancee in multicolor, me in to 10 (like vijayakanth introduction) ..
X : sure sir… Tomm u can come and collet …The next day …
Go to 1) repeat twice …Ok decided to goto studio …a totally wrong decision .. 🙂

The worst thing is waiting in someother place for no reason… to make thing worst .. u need to travel by that time and ur friend waiting for u … I never like this deadlock … I am just talking about this shop and experience happened to me …This stupid staffs made me to wait for more than hour for nothing … its
jus matter of copying the photos to my pendrive … after 2 hours I came to know ..that they need more time to get the things from their main office .. Worser … Wt u wil do in this situation … I donno?Me smiled and Jus started … Yes words at the end .. becoz I told all the things I want to tel in that
2 hours … such a bad customer service…

Its not only in one or two places…its everywhere …
* U give 1 rupee less to a autodriver , he counts and calls and gets his 1 rupee. But same driver if he is
not having the change for even 2,4,5 rs u need to adjust ..

* U call a company for servicing their product.. and they reply back to you telling , be there in home from
2-4 Pm, otherwise no staff for servicing … whoz customer here?

* U log a complaint in ur intranet … reply is “please contact concern division”
agggggg…komon ..gimme a breakkkkkk…

Update : I got my fotos , by courier on the next day !!!