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Sand Drawings… December 27, 2007

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We all heard and seen the sand drawings in the seashore and wondered, but today I recvd a FWD mail , which titled as Sand drawing… after seeing that , I changed the subject and sent to my dears and nears , the changed subject was : Sand Fantasy ….

Jus click this link and explore the beauty of sand drawing … what a amazing skill… really fabulous….


Attn Married (or) yet to be married Men…. December 11, 2007

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Please do visit this site, which is going to be a necessary thing in your present/future life. Every point in the site is just wonderfully narrated with examples and photos, moreover with clear description “how to”..

Hope this is useful….ufffff….


Online Enrollment in Election rolls ! November 29, 2007

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It is very glad to see the initiative from the Government ! For the world’s lasiest people like me was expecting this kind of facility for all this government subjects.

Now you can register your name in the election rolls by online! All you have to do is collect all the details about you and fill the form and submit the passport size photo !

Soon a verification team will arrive and check ur existence in the earth ! Thatz it ! U got a voter id card !!! As Simple as that !


கவி(யி)தை எண் : (தெரிலப்பா! ) November 27, 2007

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பொண்டாட்டி பண்ண சப்பாத்தி !
என் பொண்டாட்டி பண்ண சப்பாத்தி !
வீட்டுக்கு போய் போடணும் அவளுக்கு சுத்தி !

அவசரமா பண்ணா தால் !
அவசரமா பண்ணா தால் !
அதோட டேஸ்ட் அடேங்கப்பா தூள் !!!

Hi Guys ,

I am back ! Was searching for a good theme ! Hope you like this !
So howz things around ! After marriage , I got time now to see and write my blog !
Ennudaiya kodanakodi blog readers kku (ok ok rendu moonu perukku) ennudaiya thanks-go!
Marrige-kku vanthu sapitavangalukum , varama thookam potavangalukum Nadri !
Mela irukira kavithai En saripathikku (athanga betterhalf ) samarpanam !
Inime enna eppavum pola ottai taml padathai parthuthu oru padavathiyana vimarasam ezhutha vendiyathuthan! illaina dasavatharam patthi news poda vendiyathuthan ! 🙂

Keep reading …


தனிமை… October 1, 2007

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அவளின்றி ஓர் அணுவும் அசையாது…


RTI … July 17, 2007

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Anybody used it ? or any clue on it ? please refer


கோவில்…Kovil … July 16, 2007

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காசு, பணம் வேண்டி கோவிலுக்கு போனால் ,

வாசலில் செருப்பு பார்த்து கொள்ள கேட்கிறார்கள், “டொகன்” காசு….

kaasu, paNam vENdi kOvilukku pOnaal ,
vaasalil seruppu paarththu koLLa kEtkiRaargaL, “tokan” kaasu

Inspired by below one 😉



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சிலை செதுக்கிய சிற்பியின் பெயர் தெரியவில்லை …
ஆனால் சிலைக்கு கீழ் ட்யூப் லைட்டில் பளிச்சிட்டது
“உபயம் : இராமசாமி, பன்னிமடை”

-எங்கேயோ படித்தது

Silai sethukkiya Sirpiyin Peyar theriyavillai ….
Anaal silaikku kIzh tube light-il palichchittathu “ubayam : ramasamy,pannimadai”

Kavithai ubayam : Yaro in www


A search engine in Tamil July 13, 2007

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…Yeah I know lots more available but this is more convenient … try

I need to type raamachchan-thiran to get my name in tamil 😉


Hot Happenings… July 6, 2007

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Hot Happenings …

How can a techie in bangalore doesn’t talk about iPhone and its glamour. I wonder how this apple guys’ are dare enough to release a product in the market, a cellphone, where big giants like Nokia,sony ericcson and more or already pattaiya kilappifying… But this guys have done that, the 6 months long wait had come to an end , The iPhone is in market now …

Lets take a look at things wonder about iPhone,
* Hello all tamilans there, jus take a look at this pic , its not the queue for Sivaji release in US, its the people waiting to purchase iPhone on the first day of its release.

* iPhone comes in two plans, a price of US$499 for the 4 GB model and US$599 for the 8 GB model.

* No physical keys to operate, all touch and do …

* Am already addicted to the widescreen options and navigation options provided in iPhone.

* Apple iPhone comes with Apple’s battery which is unique again.
* Stil not released in Europe and Asia, Planned for release in India by 2008 …
click here for more on iPhone
Star Cricket..
Who in the earth wanted this channel ?! A 24/7 channel dedicated for Cricket, targeted primaryly southAsian countries…uffff.. only relief is STAR n ESPN will be free from this cricket non-sense. and its a 15th channel from ESPN-STAR sports group itsims … :O