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Whoz the poorest ! April 25, 2007

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1) A traveller who always watch Sivakasi,Aathi,Pokkiri,Vanginathan in his bus journey.

2) A tired techie who returns home and watching his roommate watching “Arasi” or “Kolangal” and makes him to wait for opening the door

3) A hungry fellow who always need to wait in queue to get his Fav dish Poori for break fast, but next day when ur opting dosa, no “eeee,kaka” in poori counter…

4) A frustrated fellow who always get insulted by bangalore autodrivers, When I called a autodriver from K.mangala 171 bus stop to , venkatapura 6th cross (which is 400 meters ahead) in deep rain , and u_cant_c_the_road_at_all position and autodrivers replies with a sarcastic smile and asking for half of ur salary for the drop 😦

No .. its poor pedestrian of bangalore who always need to run for his life to cross , whether its morning 7:30 or evening 8:30 , No small mercy u can expect from the person whoz on the driving (no matter what he drives, bike,bus,auto, bicycle,cart) no matter. U need to wait, here only survival of the ‘fastest’ wins …. 😦



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Yesterday I saw “Wargames” in SonyPix, while switching between channels, (at that time the match was boring)… The movie was released in 1983. A very old movie , but the initial sequence of the movie , got the attention towards it.

The movie is about the period of the cold war between USA and Soviet. The starting scene goes like this,Two scientist in Military operation center,takes the shift and starting the work for the day. After sometime, they are getting nuclear missile alert, i.e. Nuclear Missile Launch command from the top. But they are not doing the launch. Actually it was not a original command, it was a psychological test , where 20% of the members are failing in this test.(not launching the missile). So the management decides to automate the whole system. So they are ending up with “War Operation Plan Response” or WOPR for the same.

David, a high school student, who is interested in small network hacking, (in introduction he hacks into the school network and changes his grade from F to A) and interested in games. One day he accidentally get into the WOPR network , where he finds lots of games. He gains the access on to the games part of that network. He tries to hack the system using several password,but he fails. but after lots of discoveries he found Dr.Falken, who developed the system , and studies about him more and finds the password is “josuha” , his son name.

He successfully cracked in to the system and commands the system to play a game, “Global Thermonuclear War”, which is the nuclear attack game between Soviet and USA. He chooses , Soviet as player and launches missiles over Seattle and Las Vegas, without knowing the consequences. The Command initiates the system and raises the high alert in the Military operation center (MOC). The message reaches till President, and David come to know this via News channels. Being a afraid kid , he runs-away from home. The WOPR contacts David and tells that the games in progress and still to win. David arrested by FBI and bring in to chief of the operations John , (who was the assistant for Falken). By enquiring David , John came to know its just Simulation, but nobody believes. David again escaping from MOC with a school team who visits the place. He leaves to Goose island where Falken lives, with his girl friend. After so much talk with Falken (he tells the name of his son and gets the interest) . Falken come to know the problem and willing to help David.

Meanwhile reacting WOPR’s simulations, MOc initiates attack over Soviet. Falken comes for the help and suggests the General that its only the simulation. General calls the air force bases and confirms its only the simulation , it has no impact on the bases. But now they are not able to stop the launch command, the control is got by WOPR, even with the password they cant break the system. WOPR initiates the launch command with 10 digit code, which itself creates and fixing the time to attack.

Falken comes up with an idea to avoid this. He asks David to play a game with WOPR and try to take control. But nothing works. David founds that all the games are implemented in the system , except tic-tac-toe, which is a self learning game, so he starts tic-tac-toe, the players are WOPR and WOPR itself. After attempting many tries , WOPR results only with “no winner”. It tries all the combination ,but all games ends with tie. Meanwhile the launch code got discovered and WOPR aborts the game and calculates the effect of simulations on attack with US. and also to Soviet. and declaring the result as No Winner. It calculates the scenario with all the countries with nuclear missile strikes, enter into loop , resulting “no winner”. After this much complicated loop, WOPR comes to a conclusion and displays that “this is a strange, game” , there is no point in play ahead, and calling the crew to choose some other game. MOC cheers this victory over WOPR and congrats David and Falken for their efforts.

The movie was nicely written , even after 24 years it creates same tension. But by seeing a big machine with blinking LCD’s , somehow I suddenly remember captain , I donno y ? 🙂

Nice movie to watch , try ur luck ,if Sony PiX replays it in sometime….


புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள் !!! April 13, 2007

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புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள் !!!
No Rajini,Kamal,Vijay,Ajith Movie …. Happada !!!!
Hae I heard there going to be “Veerasamy returns” , Is that true ? Vijaya.T.R in two act , annan thambi …sentiment …Annan nallavar,ezhai …thambi panakaran kaetavan…chinna vayasula tsunamila rendu perum pirinchutanga … its gng like that … Trisha , Shreya teaming up for TR …
Expected on Deevali itsims …. 🙂
Dont afraid … jus kidding …. he he he ..
Happy Tamil New year …

Sivaji – songs review !!! April 2, 2007

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Guess What ? After a long wait , the official release of Sivaji-The Boss came. Yes undoubtly am listening to it … here goes the review.

– Balleilakka : (S.P. Balasubramaniam, Raihanah, Benny & Chorus)
Introduction song for Rajini … SPB + ARRAHMAN .. a great combination which gave “oruvan oruvan” …this is a medium pitch and a long breath pallavi from SPB, Rocks … Only worry is fans can’t sing with SPB as the breathless pallavi goes onnnn…Song starting with “Suriyano..chandrano…” ,The song is basically talks about Tamil nadu (kaveri,tamil pengal,karikadu,semman road, murukku meesai and Sudana idli Heee) , the background with fast drum beats… Its very nice to hear SPB rocking in this song… Nice Intro. Resemblance : “en peru padayappa.. + devuda devuda ”

– Athiradee : (A.R. Rahman & Sayanora)
What to tel about this … ARR high pitch , electric guitar playing …I am surely eager to watch this song in film,surely Rajini will be rocking in this.. “Athiradee than machan machan machane … ” A western musical with strong beat… “Billa ranga bashathan…ivan pistol pesum pesathan…” kalakuthu illa … u will definetly doubt abt ARR voice in this song….

– Vaaji Vaaji : (Hariharan, Madhusree & Chorus)
As expected a Good melody from ARR, Hariharan voice is great in this song.It will be typical Rajini song shoot in foriegn locations, and hats off to Vairamuthu for his lyrics…Slight inspiration (ippolam cut copy paste kku ithan peru) from egrikuthithen from boys …correct-a? But hilarious is if rajini jumps and camera freeze and rotate … ha ha ha….

– Sahana : (Udit Narayanan & Chinmayi)
Udit for Rajini… 😦 …we have already suffered with Muthu song…But as this is another melody we can enjoy this , and must specify about Chinmayi. Lovely Voice…Lovely melody.

– Style : (Rags, Blaaze, Tanvi & Suresh Peters)
Ha..ha..ha nothing to say about this song…as it was went to a lot comments b4 the release …Vara vara ellame style …enna lyrics …thalaiva .. There nothing much in this full version expect a little bit BGM is added .. Waiting to see in the movie.

– The Boss : (Blaaze, Naresh Iyer & Raqueeb Alam)
Another Theme music song from ARR, all western music for first 1 minute … will be a theme music … perfect…
Vaada vangikka vaada, peeda potukada, seelai katikoda ..Sivaji right-a???? goes like that….
“Power ranger Jetix thanda , payumvegam jetli thanda, punch vaicha idli thanda ” ayyo sami enna kodumai ithu….

– Sahara : (Vijay Yesudass, Gomathi Sree & Chorus)
This is another version of Shara…a very slow melody .. nice flute mix ..Normally ARR never gives a slow song as sad song …may be this wil comes in the BGM of the movie ???? But the female voice is bit NOk. She sings a thirupaavai “Manivanna! Maargazhi neeraaduvaam Melaiyaar” not impressive …

Totally a typical Rajini movie songs except those two melodies 🙂