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Ore Rate than Sir !!! May 21, 2007

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I had ordered onion rava and my friend Rava dosai particularly …coz he doesnt like onion… few minutes later , the server served two onion Rava for both us.. I got confused , and called him, we ordered one onion rava and one plain rava… Server replied very calmly and cool ” Sir ! Rendum ore rate than sir!” …. Now ,what is this? anybody asked about the rate, anybody concerned on my purse’s weight… I called him again , and replied in Very strong tone “Hello ! I need one Plain rava, can u take this and give us what we ordered?” …. He gave a sarcastic look and took the plate…

I dont really know the motive of that server, thou it is a very smal incident , I couldn’t get the point here. Will this work in all the case, you ask for tubelight, shop owner gives a pulb and saying “Rendum ore rate than sir” … U are asking ticket for Shivaji, counter person giving ticket for ‘Veerasamy’ and says both tickets are same cost … arrrggggg…. Wt if you finish a activity with completly changed functionality and tel your supervisor that both efforts are same ? 🙂 haha…

Problem is comprising attitude… Will write more this …


4 Responses to “Ore Rate than Sir !!!”

  1. sami Says:

    this sudoko is good

  2. sangs Says:

    enna ramc,ippa ellam ungalukku ellaamey prachanaiyaa theriyuthaa ??? 😉

  3. Ramc Says:

    2nd person asking this question 😉
    The actual reason for the prachanai series is , “when ur in such a happy mood, and repeatedly the things are going in bad way , then this is the result ….”

    Happy mood reason : later blogs, santhoshamoongo nnu oru series potrulam.

  4. sangs Says:

    yea yea we know y u r happy 😉
    devadhai pol oru penn ingu vanthathu nambi ..athaane ?

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