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Nikkumo Nikkatho… May 21, 2007

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Pongal,Diwali,Tamil new year,Krishnaswamy Jayanthichai KrishnarJayanthi …these are the some the occasions I wore Dhoti(Vaetti..gna) ! I do wear Dhoti for some temple visit just to get good name among my grandparents (ama! nijama ithuthan reason, no other reasons like get attracted in the crowd 😉 ) …

So , yes u guessed right. I worn Dhoti on tis weekend,yes again right, temple visit… ISKON,Mahalakshmi and anjaneya temple in Mallerswaram. We friends gathered and planned for a small holy trip… Me and my friend worn dhoti and my wouldbe in Saree…(oru devathai vanthu vittal ennai thedi…

The visit was pakka, and Bf is also good , but we faced very major issues, like ,
I can see a fear or kalavaram in the rest of the gang’s face thru out the Trip, reason : Mine and My friend’s Vetti (read the title here) … but as we both are very trained and very much comfort with dhoti we have no problems of wearing the same for whole day …

The another issue is, We had felt a very bad smell in the vehicle we travelled (Qualis) ,its the smell of a dead rat.uuuuvvvveee..Ya me too had same thing throughout my journey. In the beginning I felt that the smell is because of my friend, I am not sure whether he took bath or not 🙂 , but later everybody felt the same, so We informed the driver about this, he was very casual and replied “Vandi rendu naala ooti poirunthathu , athan sir” , when he said this I could remember “Hmmm.maadu nethu fulla veyilla ninnucha,athan moru suda irukku…” – Kanaka, from Karagattakaran .. :O

“Anna! Ithukku mela engala vandi utkara mudiyathu ehtavathu pannunga” – a cry from my friend…So soon after our first temple visit, the gr8 driver had thought about our concern and came to a small conclusion, He bought a “ZATAK” – SETWET parfume, to avoid the bad smelling… but the result was totaly upside down… ZATAK+RAT Smell produced more uuuvveeee sounds inside the van…

So whole trip went on uuuvvee+ zzzzzzzzzzzzzkkkkkkkk (spray) + “Dei nee nijama innukku kulichiya?” questions ….
After the trip we reached my friends home, had a comfort Lunch + ice cream + watched chennai 600028 (review later..illa vendom refer here)

So ipppadiyaga Ennudaiya sundayva kolai panna driver than annikku kulikalainnu news kedaichathu

Secret revealed : My friend used his newly bought belt to give the support for his dhoti …and he dint worn the underwear ( hae stop stop I meant that pattapatti drowser, Rajkiran,ramarajan,Gounder..remember yes that drowser…)


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