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an unveiling and a new beginning … February 19, 2007

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* Villain gang shouts, and after a question like “Evanda athu antha —–?” , then Hero enters , with 1000 swords whisking near your ears sound, 20 angles of hero…(Thanks to non-working DTS system, how efficiently our engineers wasting the technology..hmm..) and deliveries a lengthy dialogue(Short interval)

* Hero approaches heroine and delivery lengthy dialogues abt culture and comparisons …then heroine showing 100watts in her face…

* Hero’s friends saying ‘Machan, unnai ippadi engala pakka mudiyala, thirumbavum ezhunthu vada..sathichu kamida..’, where hero fell down in a gr8 love failure, and he regains his energy and improves himself …

* 1000 of people running towards hero , shouting “Ur against that, urn against this, we cant eat dosai with spoon …blahblah…and a critical situation for music director and cinematographer to use their skills to show the seriousness of the scene (verenna again 1000 swords and 20 angels)…

* “Nee chinna vayasula Omlet ketta , ana namma veetla dosai kaalu illa, athanala pakku veetu mariyapponada thalaiyila kashtapattu omlet oothi unakkaga kothu intha annanai partha ippadi oru vaarthai ketuta” pondra sentiment dialoagues…

R u one of the fellows who got irritated and getting irritated by one of above situations …. then u must be poor latest Tamil movie watching fellows… god bless you…(samples pokkiri,aalwar,veerasami,tharmapuri)

Recently me got a chance to watch an ultimate movie, even I can say an ultimate experience to go thru the lives of those gr8 people.

Yes this blog is again about a Movie review, but I say this is a completely new for me. Unfortunately I watched in VCD 😦 otherwise it would have been more pleasant (if in theatre or DVD). As usual on last weekend I went to cd shop and looked at a glance for all latest English stuffs, came across the movie called “Apocalypto” ( which in Greek means “an unveiling and a new beginning” ) , in that cd cover I could find only two words A Film by Mel Gibson , Apocalypto) I got inspired by Mel Gibson direction after watching “Passion of the Christ” the way he told the last hours of Jesus, was very good and very close …

So I got the CD, Loaded it and I dint move an inch from the start, (Thanks for the writer(CD writer), the sound and picture quality was good )… Ok lets start… A Lengthy one !!!

The movie starts with following lines

Opening quote: “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.” — W. Durant

The story begins the period where Spanish entered South America starts from a group of men belongs to hardcore tribe hunting for a forest swine, their hunt has some traps in it. After the hunt, a group of people are moving from one side of forest to another side , they are full of fear and the head for the groups asking permission to cross the forest where ,Flint Sky (Head) and he continues that their lands are ravaged. After this incident Our group returns to their village a small and happy filled village , where Jaguar Paw (Son of Flint Sky) stays with his wife and son. In the night the story teller of their village tells a story followed by music and dance. Jaguar Paw was deeply thinking on the happenings of morning and future life.

In early morning, in his dreams, the same fellow comes and tells him “RUN!” and that guy is holding his heart in his hand…Frightened Jaguar Paw awakes from sleep and silently watching his wife sleeping, suddenly a group of men ,Mayans , as Zero wolf as the lead warrior, attacking the villagers, who are all in sleep. Jaguar Paw allots a place for his wife, son (a well kind of) and returns to village fighting against the group but, the village is almost conquered and Flint Sky was killed in front of Jaguar Paw and the men and women are captured by the Group leaving the dead and some children.

The journey from the village to the destination is long and hard , where they need to cross a river, till that point the children are walking along side.

After a horrible journey , the slaves are reaching the destination , where a civilization of Mayan’s are well spreaded and huge. The women captured are into an auction process and the men are moved into a top of the stair cased pyramid’s top. There King’s family and the priest are worshiping the god and serving the god by sacrificing the captivates. He takes the Heart of the slave and fries that, cuts the head and throws the head from top. After the head reaches the bottom, the body is rolled out. Now its turn of Jaguar Paw…When he is put into the process, the eclipse comes. The priest telling the crowd that the SUN God is satisfied and this is the intimation from him, He shouts to the sky “Oh, God! If you feel you are satisfied please come back from Dark, Let us make happy by shining ur light.” The Eclipse moves away and the crowd owes, the king make his present to the people and blesses them.

Now Jaguar Paw and his group lead in to the play ground, where they are forced to run from one end to another end, and the men of Zero wolf killing them by throwing the javelins and by arrows. If still the slaves are reached the destination , then Zero Wolf son who is waiting on the other end will kill them. When Jaguar paw runs he makes a quick run and he almost escapes from all the arrows. Zero Wolf comes in to the play and he shoots him by a arrow, But still Jaguar Paw makes his move by killing the Zero wolf son and escaping in to the forest. The angered Zero wolf and group chases him. The Chase was amazing and thrilling , where the hurt Jaguar paw runs for his life.

On the way he met with a black jaguar and escapes from it and one of the Zero Wolf’s men got into attack by Black Jaguar, the others kill the Jaguar and chase continues. When Jaguar paw reaches the river , it leads him to a great Fall, where he is not afraid take any risk, so he is fell in the waterfall and raises in the bottom and shouts at the Zero Wolf group “My name is Jaguar Paw, Am the king of this Forest, I own this Forest, after me my son will rule” (Where same wordings said by Flint Sky ,father of Jaguar). Angered Zero Wolf orders his group to follow him. He kills some of the hesitant. The chase continues into the forest known to Jaguar Paw.

At a point he stops running and setting the trap to kill the group. He kills one by one , Zero wolf also killed by the same trap used to kill the swine. Finally Jaguar Paw reaches the Well where he left his Wife and son, but there are still two hunters following him. Finally he reaches the seashore, where the spanians are approaching them, by groups using rowboats. While the two men are shocked by seeing them. Jaguar Paw escapes from their and return to the well and safeguards his family. Meanwhile his wife gave birth to another child, So at the end the wife asks him “Shall we go to them?” , but Jaguar Paw says “No! We need to seek a new beginning” the last line.

The movie is filled with stunning cinematography, sound effects. The chase scenes are making you to come to the edge (of my bed 😉 ). Another important thing to notice is the make-up. The mind blowing make-up is making the you to travel and live the characters.

Even though the movie has more vulgarity and nudity in some scenes, it is terrific journey for me to go through the movie and I enjoyed a lot watching this. The language used in this movie is the ancient language used by Mayan’s. So the English subtitle is there throughout the movie. It was nominated for Oscar in three section, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing and Makeup.

I suggest this movie for those who lost their interest by watching the movies like Sivakasi,thirupatchi,Aalwar, Tharmapuri, Veerasami,pokkiri … but it is a pure rounded A certificate movie, mind that.

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  1. Subashini Says:

    Omlette sentiment was super …..:-)))

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