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Am Back … June 3, 2006

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Sorry for the guys , who visited the blog and return with empty hand…
As usual I need to give the same dialogue … As am counting my last days in Belgium … I need to finish of all my official responsiblities ..So lack of time ..
so no blog updation for a quite period .. (Dei pothumda ..matterkku vaaaaa)

Ok what I did for these days , What and all happend … whatz there to write ..
Komon …there are much more …

* Paris Trip (a unforgettable moment)

* Keukenhof Trip ( a pleasant trip)

* German Trip ( a ultimate different exp – I need to write more abt this )

* Total belgium trip exp… (lot to write …lot)

Yes ..people are commenting that my blog is totally going towards a travalogue blog …no its not like that not going to explain the places and their significance ..but my experience through out the trip ..the prople visited …the happiest moment …the saddest things I crossed … the butterflies I seen … 😉

So I think I have enough holidays back in India to write abt these … So what I want from all of you is …please be patient and keep visiting my blog and NEVER forgot to upload the comments …

The number of comments per blog will increase no of blogs am going to write …
” Dady : Wow! to stop ur kirukalls this is good shortcut … 😉 “

Generally, there is comment from my frnd abt comments on the blog …that mostly gals are only commenting on the blog… I donno what to say … The truth is always taste bitter…So pasangala … dont stop jus visiting my blog ..update ur views too…

Ok, time for Shoppyyyy…

Take care ….


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