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Resolution time … December 28, 2007

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There are many things in the world , day-2-day life that may irritates you,

Early morning pollution,
Traffic jams,happynewyear.jpg
Non-stop horn sounds,
Irritating FM RJ’s,
Long Q in canteen
People who doesn’t care abt theroup of people standing in front of them in the Q
Sweet sambar 😦
Dosa dipped in black paint and which can break @ anytime
My pathedic desk after the weekend
Aliens afraid to tell gud morning
Pathedic pantry tea which you dont know when it will taste sweet and when it wil not ,
Nice dressed gals without smile on their face
Irriating evening crowd
Disturbing fog
8.30 pm closing lazy shops
Repeative movies and gameshows
Deviling alarm @ morning… and the list goes on … and on….

Yes there are so many things in this world to annoy you , to make you mad and crazy…But Please take a close look on each thing from morning,

Sunshine flowing thru tree , resembling that blessing are coming from sky…
A few drops of dew on the nearest home grass,
Fresh looking school children playing and humming their fav. songs and running…
Brisk workers cleaning the whole street,
Reinvigorated Bus driver,
Amusing songs like ( Kanmoodi thirakkum… 🙂 ) listen it on ur own mp3 player or mobile….
close ur eyes and dream about ur gal running in slowmotion in ooty 😉
Give a nice smile and way to ur colleague who want to just override you for his dosa, let him achieve something out of it…
dont forget the smile..

Send some good morning mails, fresh flowers to ur loved ones to make their morning gr8…
Love your work, so u dont have to force urself on it…
Take a nice break, talk to nice people, always talk positivly, always try to bring smile from others …
Know others interests , and get the special from them …

Listen … yes Listen…

Take a kerchief , cover your ears and take a cool walk.
If time permits cook urself, eat with loved ones , night read out nice things,
Remember nice things you have done on that day,
Make a note of things that irritated you, try to get rid of them…
Put the alarm 30 min b4 as usual and snooze it till ur time and njoy that half sleep..

Make small goals to acheive…run like a crazy fellow behind it…dont get disappointed if ur not able to make it …jus break ur goal in to smaller..

Ex : Trying to make sambar, step 1 learn to make hot-water 😉 oh…I forgot learn to light on ur gas-stove.. (step .001 find the kitchen in ur home ;))

Hae dont think that I am completely trying to make ur day ulta…or here to write a new book named “jannalai thira , arivu perugatuum…” … Jus asking you wear a cool goggles for all the things ur viewing …

Will this work?Can we simply follow any of them to make our day more sweeter…Try…Jus smile…Happy New year..Have a gr8 year ahead…

Hold it ! If anybody got any lightening or small spark on their brain and searching my blog once again…Congrats …Actually this Ctrl+C and Ctrl+v of the last years blog 🙂 Seems interesting still… so jus added few colorful photos to increase the viewers interest on this one …:)

At last ..
Happpppyy new year!!!!


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