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Problem that doesn’t exist ! December 26, 2007

Filed under: Adagonniya — intimateramc @ 7:36 am

One of things in the world I hate most is, Worrying for a problem that doesn’t exist !
(In techie’s word It is like solving a bug which doesn’t exist ! How stupid it is! ).Ok! You have a way to console urself by telling the above words to escape from a future problem, but same time when the problem comes , the words dressup like this…

Think that whatever happend so far, is only for good,and so the future… So dont much worry on future !

So what is the right time to worry ???

I am a kind of person , who have believe in “Live this Second” !!! (Sametime, I have invested in MF, so don’t rag me for this …) But when you see people suffering from problems, it helps you to find the root cause of the problem , and in future you make yourself ready to get out of these kind-of situations … Basically a learning lesson , But what about the situations where you can’t correct it , back to the old stage… What will you do when it happens to your beloved ones?
What will you do if it happens to yourself ? You dont have any suggesstions or solutions in your hand ? There comes the help of the word “FATE”,”GOD” , It is all the FATE , It is the part of the play , Everything is done by God , So this is also gifted by him , If you are loosing this means you are going to get a Better one than this …. Blah blah blah …. Words words words everywhere…..

I was never intended to touch the topic GOD and the existence of the GOD… Even I never wanted to discuss this on my Blog… I dont want to come under a roof called atheist…Why should I ? Who categorized that ? I got angry by a incident happened sterday ,

I was out with my wife to a temple, I got a call from one of my friends, I was talking with him when my wife was in to the temple and praying … The conversation long last for 10 min… Then after we reached home, He called me again and asked the following question ,

“Hey ! When you are talking to me , you went inside the temple?”
“Oh, I was surprised that u went to temple ! Athaane parthen… neeyavathu kovilukavathu…if it is so I would have posted a big mail to the group, telling that u have entered into the temple…blahblahblah..”

All I want to say is Comon Guys! Grow up !

(Purely the above things are only my ularals and not to hurt anybody ! People wish to comment can post their views )


One Response to “Problem that doesn’t exist !”

  1. sheinvents Says:

    thats right…worrying on problems that doesnt exist is really ridiculous…
    but, when it really comes to us then we really tend to fwd t on something that doesnt exist…may be fate for someone or on god for some others(on whose existence u have no opinions for now…)
    but this is one of the ways followed by this society to think on a solution when a problem comes…first fwd the emotions to an entity or non-entity to bcome emotion less, then u will think free…:)
    as far as none of the beleifs fight among themselves all beliefs had really grown to their maturity.

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