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Ayyogo …Pavam kamal… August 21, 2007

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Just now listening to BommlattamI dont know how to react for those songs !All had same base music,
Etharkullum adangatha oru pallavi and saranam,Kandippa ennakku pudikala…(except Kannirendum)
So wat? Whatz the realtion between this Bommalattam and Kamal.
hmmm… For your information,
Arjun in Bommalattam , Directed by BharathiRaja and Music by HIMESH RESHMMIYA !!!
God save Dasavatharam…. I hope surely Kamal and KSR wil get the best out of Himesh ..
Let us wait and watch …

5 Responses to “Ayyogo …Pavam kamal…”

  1. sangs Says:

    i feel so sorry for kamal i could cry.i can even stand deva bt resham-aiyya… konjam thirumba un oorukkey poyaaaa…

  2. sami Says:

    it is not aayago pavam kamal…aiyoo pavam oscar ravichandran 😉

  3. Siva Says:

    I havent heard bommalaatam songs.. but i really dont know why and how kamal could make such a blunder of having himesh for music.. unga title lighta maathikonga….ayyogo.. pavam kamal,oscar ravichandran,tamil cinema,music.. 😦

  4. sangs Says:

    is this the calm before the storm ?? dhideernu oru pathu post poda poriyaa??

  5. Ramc Says:

    @Sangs, mood illaingo !!!

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