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Dasavatharam exclusive stills ;) August 15, 2007

Filed under: Adagonniya,Bioscopu — intimateramc @ 8:58 am

By seeing the overwhelming response (!) on my page hit for” Dasavatharam stills ”

I am putting some more stills on the same ,

Avatharam 1

Avatharam 2

Last but not least
10 Avatar in one


Om namo narayanaya 😉


7 Responses to “Dasavatharam exclusive stills ;)”

  1. miss dynamite Says:

    Wow, nw Kamal rlly does luk lk George Bush, cnt wait 2 watch da film!!!!!!

  2. sangs Says:

    i am just hoping himesh reshmiyaa whatever doesn’t screw up the music 😦

  3. Siva Says:

    ditto Sangs comment..

    and the stills do look very good..

  4. sami Says:

    some of the stills of kamal posted here are fake ones it seems, pls chk behindwoods.

  5. Ramc Says:

    Yes he is. Still not confirmed whether this is fake or not…but hope the movie is going to be a full time entertainer …
    I pray Kamal sud not interfere in the music part also and screw up things .. 🙂
    The other photos release in the name of D are looks very graphical. but these are ok and believable. But still searching for the genuine one ! let us c !
    Machi chumma kalaikathan …

  6. shree Says:

    இன்னுமா இந்த ஊர் இவங்கள நம்பிக்கிட்டு இருக்கு !!!

  7. Ramc Says:


    ahhh.ahhh..apdaiye ..parthoma..kilambanomannu ..irukonumm..ippadiye maintain pannura Soona panna..hmm..hmmm…kilambu..kilambu

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