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Baby Girl for Jyothika August 14, 2007

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Jyothika-Surya celebrity couple became the proud parents of a baby girl. Earlier today Jyothika was hospitalized in a private nursing home where she gave birth to a baby girl  Their happiness has tripled since it is an auspicious Adi-Velli! Surya had cancelled his shooting schedules to take care of his wife
Ithu pondra athi mukkiyama seithigalai munthi tharuvathu …. Hit pannunngooooooo…

3 Responses to “Baby Girl for Jyothika”

  1. sangs Says:

    Wats more important news is that ,a caesarean was done so that the kid will be born on adi velli :-I
    Cineme-la mattum open-aa broad minded-aa nadichaa pothumaa ? Ippadiyum nadakkuthu.

  2. Ramc Says:

    //a caesarean was done so that the kid will be born on adi velli//

    Ada kodumaiye ! appadiya seithi ..

  3. sangs Says:

    yea yea.exactly.I heard from a friend.and then I also read in a site.Baby was s’posed to be born a day later.paavam athu innoru naal jollyaa ammaa vaiyithula thoongi irukkum..

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