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Tough Time ! August 10, 2007

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This is a pesimistic blog!
Feeling empty at this stage, eventhough I have so many  good companian, friends, family.
I heard everybody has this sort of stage in their life, But I am not really aware that, am into that.
50% of You believe that you can do anything, and you have clear idea on everything u do. But
the remaining 50% doesnt accept it. Am halfly happy and next second deep sarrow. 😦
Ennachu da machi unakku ?  Ok … ithuvum kadanthu pogum …

2 Responses to “Tough Time !”

  1. Siva Says:

    I would say it is realistic than pessimistic… many people face this many a times.. we draw a blank not knowing what for and the mood swings are quite high..this is human nature and driven by our own desires than anything else..get some chillax (chill + relax)..should do good.. passing clouds these.. 🙂

  2. Ramc Says:

    Thanks Siva, yeah… passing clouds.. Anyways welcome to my blog…

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