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Horlicks … August 1, 2007

Filed under: Adagonniya — intimateramc @ 1:54 pm

Just take a look on the marketing for Horlicks , one of the India’s Fav. drinks…

In UK …

In India..

any comment ?


6 Responses to “Horlicks …”

  1. sangs Says:

    namma formulaavey thani- apdeenu solraanga.either that or Indian kids lack attention n concentration more than uk kids 😮

  2. Santhosh Says:

    Sounds Interesting…Let me try this 🙂

  3. Sindhu Says:

    That’s an interestg comparison. It is well evident from this that the consumer behaviour varies cross geographical boundaries and hence marketers target the segment accordingly…sorry..konjam marketing gnabagam vandhirthu idha padicha udane:)

  4. sami Says:

    Best kezhvaragu kanchithaan…have to practise that hereafter

  5. Ramc Says:

    I wonder how come same product, give solutions for two different issues. in UK : best for sleep, in India: best drink for concentration and attention … purinchata ?
    @Santhosh, UK la thane , thoongathane?
    expected 🙂
    kareektuda ..

  6. sangs Says:

    Thats what , the disclaimer they’ve given “In different countries,the product has different formulations in order to cater to varying consumer segments and consumer needs.” .athaan,india makkalukku formulaavey thani !

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