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Guess What !? July 18, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — intimateramc @ 10:48 am
Today one more milestone in my company, they blocked blogger also…. 😦
I am expecting the day , when google is gonna be blocked … 😉

2 Responses to “Guess What !?”

  1. sangs Says:

    this is really sad..
    dont they have even that much confidence in their employees ? its only cos they do this that ppl find different ways to defeat t proxy 😦

  2. Sami Says:

    cool da… 😛
    neeyum un company-um.
    u know by mistake they have blocked google :O also for some time and they have unblocked it with in an hour or so…guess some creative person would wanted their peers to work creatively 🙂

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