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enna kodumai sir ithu? July 10, 2007

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Yeah ! This is again one of my worst experience , (hilarious to my friends) with the K.mangala auto drivers….

My brain cudn’t resolve this one matter, Y the autodrivers in the autostand never willing to come to place where we are calling … enna prachainaida ungalukku ?

A early morning , I wanna reach a place , intermediate urgency, as usual no direct bus to that place, so try to catch a auto to be there on-time. Remember it is a unavoidable appointment…
I was standing on surjapur main rd, waiting for an auto. Behind me K.Mangala Autostand. A driver enjoying his cup of tea in the nearby tea shop. I lost my patience as there are no auto for next 5min. So after so much of fight in side me and my manasatchi , I decided to ask the stand-driver. Its quite distance place, so I was confident enough that I wil get the auto.

M.satchi : Poda dubukku! sonna kelu ! veena poi asingapadathe!
Me : illaipa ! early morning, quite a distance place, kandippa varuvarpa (note that maruvathai), ketkalampa.

ME: auto varuma ?
Driver: Enge?
ME : ……………
Driver : utkarunga ! tea sapitu varen !
ME : hey hey hey hey ! yo man ! to m.satchi : parthiya naan sonnen illa
M.satchi : Hehehehe (pakkalam! vidhi valiyathu)

I was inside the auto , waiting for the driver to complete his tea, meanwhile another auto comes to the stand and that autodriver2 having the conversation with a.d1, “you go !” , ” no I am not ready, u please carry on” , then after a small discussion , they both turned on to me, then again discussion (this all took 5 min) …

Then A.d1 called me from the tea shop and signed that auto will not come! I was shocked to my life, nobody insulted me like this, I am sitting inside the auto and waiting for the driver, and he decides that “I will not come , u carry on “… Grrrr..grrrrr ….
Suddenly the following dialogue came across inmy mind (I donno y)

Gounder: un paer enna?
Lady: ponnamma…
Gounder : Petromax light-than venuma?
Lady: ama !
Gounder: Intha pantham kintham ellam vendama?
Lady: Panthama? athellam vendom … Pertomax light-than venum.
Gounder: hmmm…kuda vaichiirukira pombalaikku ellam petromax kudukarathu illa…
Lady : ??@#!@#

Me : auto varuma?
A.D : varum…
(afte some time)
A.D: Ramc nnu paer vachikittu irukaravangaullkku ellam auto varathu … po …
Me : @#$@#$
Manasatchi : He he he sonnenla vidhivaliyathu …he he he
Me : ok! stop! Bangalore-la ithellam sagajampa …
M.satchi: ithukku thooku potukalam :
Me :Pottuko …

Moral : Never ! I say NEVER approach the auto which are all in AUTO STAND . They ment to be in stand only …Grrrrrrr…


One Response to “enna kodumai sir ithu?”

  1. Sami Says:

    konja nalaikku kodumai post-a niruthi vai

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