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Hot Happenings… July 6, 2007

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Hot Happenings …

How can a techie in bangalore doesn’t talk about iPhone and its glamour. I wonder how this apple guys’ are dare enough to release a product in the market, a cellphone, where big giants like Nokia,sony ericcson and more or already pattaiya kilappifying… But this guys have done that, the 6 months long wait had come to an end , The iPhone is in market now …

Lets take a look at things wonder about iPhone,
* Hello all tamilans there, jus take a look at this pic , its not the queue for Sivaji release in US, its the people waiting to purchase iPhone on the first day of its release.

* iPhone comes in two plans, a price of US$499 for the 4 GB model and US$599 for the 8 GB model.

* No physical keys to operate, all touch and do …

* Am already addicted to the widescreen options and navigation options provided in iPhone.

* Apple iPhone comes with Apple’s battery which is unique again.
* Stil not released in Europe and Asia, Planned for release in India by 2008 …
click here for more on iPhone
Star Cricket..
Who in the earth wanted this channel ?! A 24/7 channel dedicated for Cricket, targeted primaryly southAsian countries…uffff.. only relief is STAR n ESPN will be free from this cricket non-sense. and its a 15th channel from ESPN-STAR sports group itsims … :O

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