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Watz going on ! June 11, 2007

Filed under: Adagonniya — intimateramc @ 1:29 pm

U turn in to all the news channel (except sun,jaya) , Almost all the media (Tv Channels , New paper, Mobile Ads, Internet, FM, next house maid) …everybody talking about India’s next coach ! I mean Indian Cricket Team’s next coach… but its looks like we are celebrating like we are going to select our next president !!! Watz up Media ? Y this much hullabulla ? Y this much importance ?

A week before the council announced that Mr.John Emburey, Mr.G.Ford and are contacted for this position, but unfortunaltely we are not able to give anymore details on Mr.XYZ ,coz we can’t contact him ! How bad is this ? A person who can’t be contacted at that point had been selected for the process , what a gr8 way of selecting a person for the most-awaited position !!! Ok !

Look now ! Mr .G.Ford won the race ! He got selected as New Indian Coach after 2 hourse of BCCI meeting … But ..but Just 48 hours after he was named the coach of the Indian team by the BCCI, former South Africa coach Graham Ford has declined to take up the job. (Thanks CNNIBN..for the most important news…) .. I dont have any word to say on this ? Now what ?
again name a person and same story continues ??? And other side people are debating whether a Indian must be a coach ? Comeon !


2 Responses to “Watz going on !”

  1. sami Says:

    next big coverage on NDTV, CNN and other english channels is


    rajini rules 🙂

  2. Ramc Says:

    CNN – Rajini phenonmenon
    Headlines – Rajinimania
    NDTV – debate on whoz real superstar Rajini or AB ???

    urupatudumda …

    next debate , whoz next superstar,
    Simbhu or dhanush or Mukavai kumar!

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