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Motorola stinks !!! June 11, 2007

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…Yes ! Come on Motorola ! We had sent man to the Moon ! But still ur not able to give a perfect mobile as output ! You remember Alawandhan Logo ! Thatz my face now !

Almost after 10 months of usage Iam facing a Big issue , My mobile (Motorola v3i RAZR)is no longer working !

It is stylish , slim phone by Moto. It was very good at the beginning ! But later issues are on … Somedays back ,during the call, My mobile got disconnected suddenly and a white blank screen appears followed by “No service” for five 2 10 minutes… But Now the mobile is not atall functioning … Thinking what to do ? Waiting for the permission to buy a new one 😉 Ideas welcome !!!


2 Responses to “Motorola stinks !!!”

  1. sangs Says:

    thnx for the warning.i was planning to buy Motokrzr.
    I wud say buy Nokia N76 🙂 enna oru 30k irukkum avlothaan 😀

  2. sami Says:

    Nokia Rules !!!

    or else go for sony walkman series.

    Superapu, moto-ku neeye ippadi bulb koduppennu ninaikalai

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