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Its can’t get bigger than this !!! Sivaji ! June 4, 2007

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I can’t believe , is it chennai or “Sivajioor” …
Chennai wears a new outfit , latest , stylist Sivaji costumes…
Naina … inga bangalore la kundikeenu .. Sivaji intha varusham release agidum, adutha diwalikku kandippa vandhudum nu kanavu kandukittu ukkandukittu irukkum Rajini rasigargale …take a look at this hoardings …
“Dei unnai pathi theriyatha … KTv -la potta trailer-a rombha late-a fwd mail panna kamnatee” … puriyuthu ! but irunthalum… ulagam muzhuthum paravi irukkum engal tamil kuram nal nenjagalukku than intha posts …. (oh atavathu unnada post-a world full look viduthu apdingare??)

ok take a look … (click on the pic to enlarge)

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5 Responses to “Its can’t get bigger than this !!! Sivaji !”

  1. sangs Says:

    For once,I want to catch the first day first show of Thalaivar movie.i’m just waiting for it to release here!!
    And the first hoarding is the best, me ! Rajini hasnt looked this good in the past 2 movies!!

  2. Shree Says:

    Really Superp…

  3. sami Says:

    chennai mattum illai, enga oorum is also drowning in sivaji hoardings.
    i think Trichy is next to chennai in this. Comibatore-layum vaichu irukanga but not cant compare to chennai and trichy hoardings.

    P.S: Trichy puranam padala…just telling the truth.

  4. Ramc Says:

    Ya ! basically Rajini comes in 2 get-ups ! one is mullummalarum hair style, one is rajathi raja hairstyle… Ist half and second half..first half is for fun,love,sentiments…and second half for vengence,social karuthu’s it seems …

  5. sangs Says:

    enna ramc,technorati pathi edho oru post irunthuchu..ippo kaanom ?

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