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Thirumbavum …. May 16, 2007

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Athu enda ennai parthu antha kelvi ketta?”

You remember Goundamani asking Senthil the above question … Likewise ennakkunne sila case vanthu matrathu … Today morning was doing the research on my office canteen chatney, thannila thengai athigama potutangala illa thenga udaikkum pothu thanniya vadikatta maranthutangalannu

Appo vandhar oru Mr.Pithala sombhuThalayan, (Yes he was dyed his hair like that), he came and sit on next to me , without asking any questions (usually I wl ask & expect the question before occupying the seat,”is it free?” ) …

cheri ponapoguthunnu onnum sollama, ennudaiya adutha araichikku ponen…meanwhile namma P.S.thalai was nondifying my friend’s book which was on the table, again without asking any question. This time I am really irritated..

Thought to ask ” dei ungalaiellam pethangala illa seichangala?” … but the dosa which occupied my mouth was not allowed to ask the same…

Then he moved to some other table , as his friends shifted the table. hmmmmintha parota thalaigallam eppo thiruntha pogutho

Its a good table manners , to ask somebody who is already sitting in a table, b4 occupying the place, also b4 pulling the chair from the table to avoid the Usual Tamil cinema comedy scene there….

I remember , a guy who was having BF in the same table, told “excuse me!” before leaving the table, even we both never know each other and never talked …. 🙂 Oru azhugaiya vanthathu..
nammalayum manushana mathichiavan rombha nallavan..

(BTW whatz the title “thirumbavum” means here …. silarukku puriyumnu ninaikiren)


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