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What is required ? what is not ? May 11, 2007

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Rajini should come to politics or not ?

Kamal should join with gowthami or not ?

Vijay should try different getups or not?

Ajith should try to act in big directors movie or not?

Nayanthara should accepted simbhu or not?

Vijayakanth has majority in TN politics or not?

Dr.RamDoss should be awarded for Nobel or not?

Thayanidhi maran should give free computers to TN people or not?

JJ should be outspoken to reporters or not?

Ananthakannan should try a operation in mumbai or not?

Don’t get confused , these are topics I am suggesting to Dinakaran to make more survey on and make TN people more clear on their future.

Whose will be successor of DMK, whose is pet for Mr.Karunanidhi? These are the questions which claimed 3 peoples life in Madurai on 9th of May 2007. The actual problem is ,the result is very much supportive to M.K.Stalin, younger son of Mr.Karunanithi,CM,TN. (70% to MKStalin,2% to MKAlagiri,2% to Kanimozhi, others to others)This results created a huge dissatisfaction among MK.Alagiri,elder son of CM.(That to the results from Madurai, is nowhere supportive to MK.Alagiri). Angry supporters of MKAlagiri, surrounded Dinakaran office and set ablaze started the riots. They also set fire to some public assets and private vehicles.

“After setting the office on fire, the accused left by warning that anybody publishing news against Azhagiri would be burnt alive.” R we lining in India ?

Three of the Dinakaran’s employee where killed in this incident. The Smoke and fire caused of petrol bombs thrown inside the office killed them. Now whatz the answer ,from Police? We will arrest the persons “whoever” behind this riots. from Kalanidhimaran ? It is attack against media freedom.from Karunanithi? he was against the publication of the poll on his possible successor and had requested twice that it be stopped. Referring to his daughter and poet Kanimozhi being featured in the poll, he said she had sometimes subtly and sometimes openly made it known that she was not interested in politics.

Watz the problem here , whoz the reason , is it the clash between Maran’s and MK’s Family ,or in between Stalin and Alagiri ? or DMkchennai and DMK-Madurai? Whoz the benificiary here?MK,Stalin,Alagiri,KalanidhiMaran,JJ,Vijayakanth,publi , yes of course the public who is very much interested in this poll.

I can’t see any possible future of TN politics here, Media got the news to fill their pages,Jaya TV, sun TV got another month to fight with each other, after that some other problems,some other media coverage , But what about the three who lost their lives and their family members ?
Why cant the survey made by the papers be more productive and efficient to the society,
Free color TV or Free toilets ?Free gas connection or reducing price for oils?Free 2 acre land or More investment for converting sea water to pure water ?

wt say people ?

(PS : Hello!!! Attn: X-supporters this is just a view of a simple prajai in India , dont show ur anger and strength on me and do something to my room in Bangalore 😉 )
* X – DMK,ADMK,Vijayakanth,MKStalin,MKAlagiri,Vijay,Ajith,Kamal,Rajini ..etc ..,

Thanks : “The Hindu”,”Dinamalar


2 Responses to “What is required ? what is not ?”

  1. sangs Says:

    ..and to think we call ourselves democratic.shame shame.

  2. sami Says:

    fear this blog has more content on prachanaingoo… these days.

    pls change. its monotonous.

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