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Unnale..Unnale.. May 3, 2007

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“June ponal julai katre” … vareh vaahhh! enna karuthuuu… I think many of u had seen this
song in Sun music many times, and made an impression to watch the movie…. I will say u
better watch sunmusic daily at the same time…Anyways for next tamilar thirunaal, this movie
will be in ur TV “Indiya tholaikatchigalil …”

U would crossed a movie in which Vivek taking up a role “karuthu kandasami” … What happens
if all characters in a movie take this role ??? not as a comedian …but seriously advicing each scene… uffff…pothumda sami…

Review : ennathe review panni ? ennathe ? But still as thalaivar said ” Naalu perrukku
nallathu pannanumna “…ding ding ding da doing …. To save my friends I am writing this …
Hae , tel me how u wil feel if everything and everybody in ur life are connected , Mornig u
wake up , goto tea shop , that tea shop owner is ur onnu vitta sittapa … Go to K.mangala in
auto, surprise that autodriver is ur closest friend’s relative, u buy a movie ticket , in the
counter , hae … he is ur mama’s wife’s annan’s mamnar…

Yes , the same here in the movie … Hero – a “live the current moment” (hae thatz my slogan
toooo!!!) falls in love with Sada (or saada) at first sight, then becoz of her suspicious
attitude their love breaks-off… Hero is vazhisal party to all the girls, and justifies that
as “take-it-easy” policy 😦 kashtamda …

Hero leaving to Australia, he finds a bubbly next seat girl, whoz is fond of friendship, she
becomes gud friend of our hero, surprise She is roommate of our heroine in Australia, But how
come our heroine in australia , that to in same city, echikuchmy , ur watching tamil movie,
u shud leave ur brain at pop-corn counter… So again some dash-bash between hero and

One fine day , Hero meets a tamilian in Australian hotel, remember that butti guy in ullam
ketkume , Parthasarathy…Jeeva was in a thinking that he can use P.S as comedian , but
paavaam ethuvum workout agalai…So now 4 gang roams around Australia and they keep on talking abt love, issue ,love, issue…

At the end , hero joins our bubbly girl, heroine has left alone in some other city , with a
self – satisfaction that, she failed in love without understanding our hero… ThankGod the
movie ends here…

Yes you can write the story in the back side of the bus ticket…The best thing u can do is
download the songs from xyz site, and enjoy it … Really its worth to listen the songs , or
to watch the songs .. Thanks to Harris and Jeeva , who helped the film to run for 3 hrs …

Last but not least, I heard some claps in the theatre for the following dialouges, gimme a
comment on this…

Hero: Neenga boys-a partha athu jus looking, athe naanga girls partha “Vazhiyarom-a?”

Hero : Girls-kku ore problem boys than… Boys-kku ore santhosam girls than…
Visil, claps

Hero : Bubblegum and girls are same…both wil be sweet at the beginning stage, later no
taste at all… Clapppppsss…

Ayyoo sami thangalaida …

Jeeva please continue with ur wonderful cinematography , at times u can contact Mr.Harris for
a separate album … Otherwise if ur in a mood to direct any movies plz goto africa ….

Attu padam parthu azhuvum valibar sangam…


7 Responses to “Unnale..Unnale..”

  1. sami Says:

    APPAVS-in thondu vaazhga !!! but konjam munnadiye sangathu mudiva solli irukkalm.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I dont think it is that bad a movie as far as the message conveyed is confirmed… altleast better then veerasamy series ??????? – Santy

  3. Couch Potato Says:

    someone told me its a good movie ??

  4. Ramc Says:

    Conclulsion :

    Free-a friend kuttitu pona PVR la pakkalam…

    Ofcourse Better than veerasamy,sabari,rendu,muni,”thappu pannitom mannichirunga” (a new release in Tamil nadu) 🙂

    If ur taking the tamil movies so light, and if ur happy with 6 songs in proper intervals, some kadi jokes in between then this is perfect for you… Not to forget, better than Lost in translation hee hee…

  5. sami Says:

    first para of the review, konjam over thaan. padam not that bad. ok. y u expect logic in jeeva’s movie. jollya parthoma vandomannu illama, KB padam mathiri parthuttu vanthirukka.

    but it is somewhat boring in between.

    but for me it is ok type of movie.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    ippadi oru kevalaamana comment inime yaarum koduka mudiaadhu :p

  7. sangs Says:

    Losst in translationaaa…..padamnaa athu padam ;-)) onnumey puriyaama oru 2 hrs lost in theater.

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