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Whoz the poorest ! April 25, 2007

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1) A traveller who always watch Sivakasi,Aathi,Pokkiri,Vanginathan in his bus journey.

2) A tired techie who returns home and watching his roommate watching “Arasi” or “Kolangal” and makes him to wait for opening the door

3) A hungry fellow who always need to wait in queue to get his Fav dish Poori for break fast, but next day when ur opting dosa, no “eeee,kaka” in poori counter…

4) A frustrated fellow who always get insulted by bangalore autodrivers, When I called a autodriver from K.mangala 171 bus stop to , venkatapura 6th cross (which is 400 meters ahead) in deep rain , and u_cant_c_the_road_at_all position and autodrivers replies with a sarcastic smile and asking for half of ur salary for the drop 😦

No .. its poor pedestrian of bangalore who always need to run for his life to cross , whether its morning 7:30 or evening 8:30 , No small mercy u can expect from the person whoz on the driving (no matter what he drives, bike,bus,auto, bicycle,cart) no matter. U need to wait, here only survival of the ‘fastest’ wins …. 😦


6 Responses to “Whoz the poorest !”

  1. Couch Potato Says:

    Germanykku vaango..
    “cross pannapaa”nnu vendaatha koraiyaa drivers ellaam nippaanga 😉 I really like that here !

  2. Ramc Says:

    Yes! An incident ,
    In december cold I was crossing the road to reach office, a car in 50-60 KM speed rushed towards the crossing , when the driver saw me , that I am preparing to cross the road, (namma muzhithan theriyume, manja pai mattum kaila illa) , he stopped the car with in 5 seconds, and looked at me…I was waiting for him to cross…we both looked each other for a minute…Then he understood that am an he waved his hand and told me to cross the road please…I replied him with a thanks and crossed the road. Am sure that next immediate thing he did was “thalaaila adichikittathu” 🙂

  3. Couch Potato Says:

    Touche!same thing happens to us here most of the time 😦 namma maanatha nammaley vaangikrom ;-(
    namma oorla orathula ninnnaaley morachittu povaanunga..

  4. sami Says:

    hey ramc, where this INDIAN thing coming here? i dont understand. y that guy should adichufy his thalai. its is too bad. It is part of their culture or whatever to stop at all the cross roads. you can even see the sign board “STOP” there at every circle or cross roads. Thalai adichufying for this matter ellam “remba” over appu…

    U did correct by saying thanks. There is no point to feel inferior for saying thanks. In those countries thanks is the most used word where as in india sorry is the most said word. Thottathukellam thanks solra oor athu…so y he thalai adichufy.

    CP ungalukkum thaan…y u feel namba maanththa nambaley vaangikarom..? thanks sonna thappa?


  5. Couch Potato Says:

    Maanam going is not for thanks ! Definitely “thanke” is one word these people like 🙂 its for not crossing at signals ! we forget we r not in India,where if u cross the road at zebra crossing also,someone will run over you..

  6. Ramc Says:

    Thalai adichify is for “me waiting and not crossing the road….thinking that am still in India…” Jus think in that person view, he might never visited India and never struggled to cross the road…

    😦 one more thing this time during the travel 2 Vijay movies back to back … Gilli, Thu.Maa.Thu…

    Back poiduchu ..

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