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Happy New Year 2007 !!! December 29, 2006

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Hi Friends,

Wish u all a happy new year, let us make new resolutions and try to make it up…I cant remember last year what resolution I made. I was standing in the Antwerpen Bridge in between crowd of 1000 people(out of 999 having champagne in their hand) and was viewing the fireworks …

Returned to home @ 12:30 alone , walking on Belgium street in that cold … it was pleasant, But past one week am sick (am having this running nose , for this bangalore climate). One of my friend suggesting its not only cold but also the pollution.. No id… But Now-a-days am struggling much to get up in the eaaaaaarlly morning and get ready to the office… 😦

Hosur road is getting into a better shape … which allows 4 buses in a single lane(horizontally) in bommanahalli junction, it is like a race from Madiwala bridge to Bommanahalli junction for the drivers… 😦

Ok.What we need in 2007. a PEACE mind … List is started,

1) A Good Bangalore infrastructure (or a office near by home 😉 )
2) A Good citizen who can follow the Queue ( will describe the incident soon )
3) A Tool which gets the ticket no as input and tells the problem in code and also the solution.
4) A good tamil movie to watch in PVR (Last year list was very pathetic Vallavan,veyil,poi)
5) A good song to listen (Yammadi …aathadi..)
and more …

Some of the good resolutions I can suggest ,

1) Brushing the teeth daily , in continuation trying to take bath also…
2) Not to see the megaserials and cry during dinner…
3) Not to spend so much in PVR to watch the stupid movies like vallavan (thirutu vcd vazhga)
4) @least not to spend 60-100 bugs for popcorn and pepsi inside the theatre , basically avoid eating in interval…(best idea close ur eyes sleep for a while)
5) Not to come office on weekends.
6) Asking a stupid question to ur friend “r u angry?” , after commenting on him… (thanks sangee,I liked it!)
7) Not to blame the company for not providing the access to orkut. 😉 (solution : change the company)
8) Understanding the meaning of “resolution”
9) Congrats the friends , even if they had done a military hair-cut(if it looks nice to him)
10) Wish your friends on the occasions, ( even if it was his first @ pub)
11) Avoiding “belated” mails
12) At last try always to paste a smiley on ur face …. 🙂

Have a Funfilled happy new year … Wish you a great year ahead


2 Responses to “Happy New Year 2007 !!!”

  1. Subashini Says:

    So u r always seen with a big beautiful smile at EC nowadays ?

  2. Ramc Says:

    Yes Ofcourse! Jus near to Cafe , I will be standing with a long stick in hand and a big smil on face, people can come and watch me and tell some sad story to make me not to smile 🙂

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