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Yakkai thiri December 14, 2006

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This week review, I got the translations from other websites,

Very interesting na !!! I got to know the meaning of pinniyam now !

another interesting thing is the meaning of Fanaa !!!

Whats the meaning of it , here comes wikipedia in to help …

‘Fanaah’ in Arabic means destruction,(It means to annihilate the self, while remaining physically alive). I beleive here (towards love) it means losing urself in love…. Am I right? anyway enjoy ….

Film: Ayudha Ezhuthu
Language: Tamil
Lyricist: Vairamuthu

Yakkai thiri
Kaadhal sudar

Jeevan nadhi
Kaadhal kadal

Piravi pizhai
Kaadhal thirutham

Irudhayam kal
Kaadhal sirpam

Jenmam vidhai
Kaadhal pazham

Lokam dwaitham
Kaadhal advaitham

Sarvam soonyam
Kaadhal pinnyam

Maanudam maayam
Kaadhal amaram.

Body is a wick
Love is the flame

Soul is a river
Love is the sea

Birth is a mistake
Love is the correction

Heart is of stone
Love is the sculpture

Birth is a seed
Love is the fruit

The world is dual,
Love is singular

Everything(sarvam) is zero(soonyam)
Love is infinite

Life is an illusion
Love is immortal.


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  1. Sangs Says:

    super lyrics !and yea,beta blogger working again ! 😉

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