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Nallathambi Kalyana vaibogame … December 7, 2006

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Post lunch session ! Back in to seat.. Too tired of traveling ..Too much laziness coz of one week break … Reason friend’s marriage , visits to friendz natives and ofcourse forgot to tell “am was not feeling well” 😉 achoo…
Excuse me …

Started Wednesday nite, to coimbatore, to attend the marriage ceremony of my friend Nallathambi’s. When I reached Thirupur ,called him .. He said catch a auto ,he will ask 10-15 Rupees to reach our home , landmark : Townhall, so in busstand I called a auto and asked to drop me in Townhall and asked how much it costs … He said 70 Rupees , I cant blv, so asked again , he nicely replied with a smile 70 rs … I again corrected my words, I am talking abt townhall in thirupur not coimbatore… I was not there at next second to see his angry face… Cought a local bus .. and reached home.. the ceremony went well… Started with God prayer and ended up with nice lunch 🙂 took photographs of mappilai … Then started to Pollachi , reached mandapam by nite… Photo session for couples n their family … suddenly photographer gave attention to us… “aiyyo paavam antha pasanga rombha neram camera parthutu irukanuva … kupitunga rendu flash adichitu anupiduvom “ ..gave a nice smile for photos ..but he is very fast and click b4 we started smiling …

Marriage was in Eechanari temple … next day morning .. by 6:10am …so started by 4:30 from mandapam …(so calculate the time I woke up and started , so quick rite) … The temple was occupied by too much of crowd …too much of couples… we are the first one to reach the mail hall.. and registered for marriage..and with few minutes the marriage was over… Unfortunately my friends are unable to attend the marriage as they were stuck in traffic and reached coimbatore late… (but proper time to mandapam for breakfast…)

The Reception was arranged in the morning after the marriage usual NT with amarkalamana shervani and vidhya(bride) in pattu pudavai … (impressed by jyothika’s design) , then we guys were njoying the karnatic kacheri arranged … Really believe us … All the photo session’s were over .. This time we missed the position of writing MOI (I mean getting the money and writing the names, what is the exact name for this job ? ) …. After having a good lunch in mandapam…its time to pack up…So we guys (Hari,Santy,Venki n wife) started to Velliyampalayam…

Velliyampalayam is located 40-45 Kms from Pollachi on the way to Udumalaipettai (normally pronounced by udumalpet by Srimitha and dumeelpettai by us). We dont the way to the place, house, no map , no address nothing..We jus started. I donno u can find this uratchi in India’s map…(But a surprise,while googling for velliyampalayam I found it in wikimapia,gr8 isn’t) … We reached the oor and asked a lady “Where is Nattamai’s house?” she replied ippadiye thekkala poningana oru bangala varum athuthango… Srimi appavukku ippadi oru pera ? pullarichu pochu po … Nattamai itho varom …

Part 2 …Pannimadai visit … (another township in gr8 cbe :))Karamadai visit … (Metropolitan in TN )Momento review …Dhoom 2 review … Tamilil 😉


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  1. Sangs Says:

    looks like u enjoyed a lot.aasaiyil oru kaditham maathri edhuvum nadakliya ? 😉

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