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YabbeeDabeeDoo!! September 5, 2006

Filed under: Adagonniya — intimateramc @ 6:51 am

YAY!!! Its very thrilling… Should deliver code by EOD, need to discus some mportant points with onsite manager,need to get Transfer of Knowledge, need to update orkut, need to reply mails …But am opened blogspot n updating this blog … Chill man…

You feel very happy when u do things which is comfortable for ur mind ..isn’t?!…
Hello… Ya one min..I wl be there… (My manager !) C ya …


3 Responses to “YabbeeDabeeDoo!!”

  1. sami Says:

    so ithellam irukku?…buddy update about sillunnu oru kathal experience….hey am not telling you to update your love story…update the movie experience i told..

  2. ur_dream's_savvy Says:

    ‘sillinnu oru kathal’…pavam our dream seller!
    oru online commentary kitta maatitan pola…orae polambal…andha movie aa pathi pesinaalae, he gets red;)

  3. Ramc Says:

    sillinnu oru kathal vimarsanam… viraivil da Sami… (kadaisila ennaiyum sun tv la blazer pottu vara azhu mathiri akkitiye !!)

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