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VV – what do v need more? August 28, 2006

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Last saturday went to my fav. actors long time awaiting movie…
“Machi! Reviews from my frnds are ‘itz merely a hollywood movie da’ “
“Dei! No one said ,it boring or u can c, everybody said superb”

So with all this hype we went for VV, second show, prayed “No family in front seat”, usually am good boy;) in theatre ..But when some occasions like this comes ,(once in year) I wanna freak out.. So we prefer second shows.But tragedy, there were so many families for second show .. I wonder on a weekend , holiday, y these guys are with their family for a second show !!! woooofff..

Now ,things to say abt movie … as a “thirvira” fan of kamal , I blv this is not sufficient story line, and scope for Kamal. But even he has done his best… Itz very interesting to watch Kamal as police officer. Stylish, commanding Police… No single dosage of “Vijaykanth” 😉

Story was as usual , a investigation of serial murders … How Kamal introduced to that , how he resolves that … Could hv been a pure investigation story …but for Tamizh fans , there comes Jo.. from the sky …

For Cinemotography, Editing u need to give 5! Well done guys … really admired …

Abt songs , as you know,a nothing but good … nice melodies, hip hops … !

Comng to the – ves, so many to point out .. coz Kamal movie ! 🙂

* Jo is not related to story anywhere , even without her movie would have been more fast !
* Songs picturization could have been better( partha muthal naale , started similar like ennai koncham matri , which scared me alot! )
* Investigation part should been more !
* Too much flashback (even villain has one !)
* BGM score could have been better!
* Padam seekaram vandhu irukalam!
* Y new york ?
* Y Kamal is so dull in fight scenes ..?

and more more…

But consolidating all the efforts, the theme and approach are really nice, and technically film speaks more!

Hats off to Kamal! Hats off to Ravivarman!Hats off to Harris ! also for Gautam! 🙂

At the end my frnd said “Only the date and time tracking in the movie is like hollywood style” 😦

As for my point of view A stylish, technically sound movie…which needs some fastfwd in Jo section ..



One Response to “VV – what do v need more?”

  1. sami Says:

    what i felt is this…aana pesum pothu mattum othukkatha…nee theevaravatha kamal fanda…inga sonna athanai pointayum naan accept panrean…including ur friends comment of date and time, which even we had discussed there…:)

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