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Sorkame Endralum …. June 23, 2006

Filed under: Travel — intimateramc @ 10:01 am

Hi Guys , Back in Motherland …

I know the Hitrate of my site was reduced down like Ajith market … Dont worry Ramc …u can improve it quite fast… As I was busy in my routine schedule I was not able to feed my blog site … What ? my schedule ? do u really wanna know ?

10:30 Sleep gone
11:00 Wake up
12:00 Tea or coffee(filter)
12:30 Brunch
1:00 Movie or sleep or chat with frnds
3:00 coffee and sleep contin..
4:00 movie in tv or dvd ..
5:00 roam around
6:00-10:00 Match and frnds chat
10-12 : dinner and rest of things
12-2 Match .

Forget to tell oneting each hour (like bbc news ) snacks is compulsory …

Surely I wil get back to normal routine soon ..Til then … cheers


One Response to “Sorkame Endralum ….”

  1. Sangeetha Says:

    Hey Ramc,eppadi ya..unnaala mattum mudiyuthu..?

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