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Good Bye Belgium … June 5, 2006

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This might be my last post from Belgium …

First up all thanks for the my family and friends who given their support when am in Onsite !

I can’t express the experiences I had here … yup ! this is again another emotional senti blog …. so people with light heart dont proceed further …ha ha ha..
Dont worry I am not going to blah blah again… it wil be short and sweet ..

The things I did first time in my life …

My flight expr. : This is my first flight exp.. and it was cool… not major prob in checkin checkout … even no time for me to sit in transit …

My first step in foreign country : Zurich is the first foreign country I entered .anyway its for transit… 🙂

My Belgium life : A separate post will explain u everything , each moments I njoyed in Belgium …

My first onsite career : The work was absolutely good … Everything is new domain …new colleagues assignment ..hopefully I fulfilled their requirements … 🙂

My cooking expr.. eventhough itz not my first time cooking ..still a fultime cooking is done here only … First thing no body died or attacked by any disease by my cooking … Second we never wasted or throwed the food … cool huh ? yup I can search for a part time job in Blore as a chef (ok Ok as a cook)

My trip exp… : Paris,Swiss,German,Holland … and almost all tourist spots in Belgium ..yup I think this is fair enough for my 7 months trip … And all the trip stories u know ….

My first blog .. Yup I started bloggin here ..main reason to get frnds close to me ..and to kill time sometime … 🙂 I am proud that,my blogs induced somebody else to start blogging newly …( May be, put it in this way …. Even Ramc writes blogs…why not me ? he he he)

And so on … so on … it was a nice exp. for me nice 7 months ..a I am getting thrilled to go home now. c my family mainly ..then my frnds … Nalla me coming soon …. 🙂 ( Please put away other dirty thoughts from ur mind ..dady unakkuthan)

Still am in same enthu to conti my blog in India…with varies day by day stories ..
So keep reading …keep commenting …


3 Responses to “Good Bye Belgium …”

  1. Santhosh Says:

    Deye….idellam ok….
    It is 1 week u went there… Doesnt seem u r keeping up ur promises huh ?
    Start scribbling again on the whole trip in parts.

  2. Santhosh Says:

    And also clarify me on the photo venky showed me ! Yenna yaarum yematha mudiyadhu……

  3. Sami Says:

    Hope to mee you from india !!!!

    Ref: Previous comment!!!
    Do publish the photos also (the one mentioned in the previous comment by santhosh)….

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