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Another election …. May 12, 2006

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DMK+ 162
ADK+ 70

Another election, another rotation of power,another big bunch of hopes …Let us wait for 5 more years … But this time there are something to note down …

65% of Voters come out this time.. in Erode and nearby record highest of 72% …which shows the more interest of people on selecting their MLA’s and CM …

DMDK , again a actor ,Vijayakanth won a seat in the first entry .. and gainedlots of hope… (that too he won in Virudhachalam which is majority of Vanniyar)

Congress which is getting popular and gained 34 seats …

PMK , a most expected party , didn’t do well , a surprise..

So Mr.Karunanidhi becomes 5th time CM of TamilNadu, and there are so many expectations growing around… People are expecting more from him … the IT Industry, Globalization, Kaveri issues , unemployment rate , Infrastructure ,Sethu samuthiram plan, Long way to go,Lot to do …Now we can expect a sink between Central and state governments.

ADMK didn’t lost all its power, even it is washed out in parliament elections…it came up very well and proved it strength. There are lots of mistakes and lots of learnings for JJ in past five years. You can add the handling of Government Emp.

strike both in + and – ways, Tada for public smoking, TASMAC and alot… From my point of view the blenders she made is .. she never visited PM, or any CM in the course of Five years, she never visited anyother country or state… She never co-operated with the central government.

The problem with having only two major parties in TamilNadu is … whatever rule the earlier government put, the next govt. will immediately remove that without any concern. Even it is successfully running and gaining profit … hmmm.. nothing will work. The only reason is that plan is done by the opposite govt. This attitude should change.. Which will give more benefits to the public.

So let us view closly the way the 82 year kid, Sachin of TamilNadu politics(!) runs this government and what are all the promises he is keeping.

Vazhga Tamizhagam !! Valarga Tamil Makkal ! (sounds like V.Kanth election meeting he he he)


4 Responses to “Another election ….”

  1. Subashini Says:

    Ya you are rite…..even v as voters r left with no choices…v have to choose either A or B…there s no option.
    I was reminded of my college days when I wrote an article “Right to Vote” and I had mentioned that v r always given a choice between 2 handpicked rascals and askd to select between them.
    If I dont like both the parties I shud go n atleast put a false vote inorder to prevent somebody else using my vote.
    My mother never wants me to go to voting ballots as she feels its unsafe ..i shud fite with her n go n cast my false vote…heeeeehee.
    For the election card I stood n a long queue last year n suddenly this year they have withdrawn my name from the voting list…so my appa fought with tehm n got my name entered.
    Where is the right to vote????I had to run behind people to get my name included in the list….long queues at 40 degrees.
    Which govt encourages voting…makes voting easier for people…????
    Except for a local holiday n a black stain n a false vote where does democracy come into picture during voting.
    May b a day will cum n things bcome easier n young people rule the country like our mudhalvan arjun….he shud b learned ..know to fite…know to sacrifice..will v get a CM like that?????????

  2. Ramc Says:

    Two things
    1) Now u can a choice of not voting to any one (49-o)
    2) Voter’s list is not a easiest job … adding the name in that and maintaining the same very tufffff…

    But this time we got 70%( almost ) voters in record(hope atleast 50% of them are real … thatz a improvement ..

  3. Nirmal Says:

    On a serious note, one can only hope as far as TN politics is concerned. Hope for the best.

  4. Sami Says:

    Dei rediff la parthuttu MK va sachinoda compare panni sachinoda manaththa vaangatha…thikki thinari thaan DMK vanthu irukku..on a serious note…tamil natta aandavanthaan kappathanum..

    captain-oda performance chance-e illa… which sounds many doesnt want DMK and ADMK…but his party is also yet another DK…
    oh my god save my tamil country

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