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A piece of heaven in Earth … May 4, 2006

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(A small big blog on my trip)

Hero and Heroine are from same college, but long time foes. One fine evening heroine enjoys the rain and sunset and refreshed(even the audience). By seeing her beauty , one roadside romeo attracted and attacked her. Hero Entry, fight , dishyuuum…dishyuuum … rowdy runs away, Heroine with all love in her eyes
looking our hero…So wat next … Yes a beautiful song in foriegn location…. Imagine if your in that place…Yow !! not at the fight scene …At the foriegn location … where it can be … huh ???

A35/E60/N83 … France to Swiss Highway (or freeway) … SPB in “Ithu oru ponmalai pozhuthu” … A layer of nature , out side the car window … a blue sky ..a green bed below that … yellow flowers jus about to bloom … a dark black road … no doubt nature is a good artist … Yes I had been in Swiss Last week end … all my knowledge about swiss was just a place where our bollywood,kollywood songs are done! but when you go to that place and sit in a grass bed , in a background of two huge mountains with white cap on the top …
Really amazing …

This is kind of travelogue. till Thursday I was not sure whether I will be the part of the team swiss … because my white card (residence permit which allows me to travel outside belgium). Thursday morning I got it, so quickly planned for the trip … Wow Thrilling moments …. We started from Antwerp on Saturday morning by Car , yes by car (750 km) need to be covered , my courageous friend cum driver was all set for the trip…We had one single prinout in our hand which tells the route from Antwerp to Switzerland… Ready ..go … It was not that much painful to find the route … for first 2 hours we are very easily handled it … full
of snacks..songs… nice scenarios … quite njoyed … but a 2 hrs traffic in french border ruined everything … then the journey got delayed …and sometime we missed the route ..came back …then rite on track … In between some breaks on highway … A wonderful driving discipline I can see all the way … all the people with their caravan and cycles in the car heading towards some nice place around … As usual struggled without getting a veg food on the way ..adjusted with apples and snacks ..

We reached Swiss by 8:30 , where the sun is all set to say a good night … So we missed the beautiful roadside view ..We reached our hotel almost by 11:00pm , with some short of thriller movie effect … we entered .. no one around … at last we found the hotel … Next is Dinner … we searched for near by restaurants luck … we roamed into center of the city.finally got a rest. which served food at 12:00 midnight … I was very much scared about my veggie policy …if nothing is there , as usual apple … But I can’t believe my eyes … I had a nice rice with sambar (dhal sambar) ,a fantastic south Indian taste in a Swiss hotel !!! Am lucky … dinner ho gaya ..sleep agaya … Zzzzzzz…

Morning … We visited to Jungfrau a placed called Top of Europe … 11000ft high… where you can have a great look of all Alpine mountains … But its expensive trip … Imagine the cogwheel train (a tanker wheel kind of setup which will not allow the train to slip off ) going to top of Europe in 45 degree inclination. Wow !!! Amazing isn’t? I am very much surprised , after reaching main point to take the train … wherein which as usual 50% of the tourist are Chinese … (click !click!click!) rest 10 % others (yankees,aussies), 40% Indians ….yes wherever you turn a desi face… and one more big big surprise among that 40% …25% are tamilians … (Tamizhan endru sollada…thalai nimirthu nillada) I cant beleive … still ..

After a hour of journey we reached JungFrau … on the way it was a astonishing view out there … mountains ..mountains ..snow ..snow everywhere .. We reached the top .. it above the clouds … There was a restaurant , snack bar, some shops … and a spl Rest.(suspense!) … a flat landscape on that top ..where in which full of snow … a good scenic view of all mountains of Alps … We were screaminnngg …. We were playing ..we were taking all mappilai(!) photos .. we were freezing … laughing a loud … talking with tamil people at top of the europe at 11000ft … No words to explain … My mind is full of happiness and joy ..nothing else … A palace of Ice , where all the path is full of ice and sculptures in ice … after all short of gymnastics, photoshoot in the snow , its nature call (no ! no!we were hungry !! ) We entered into the Spl Rest. its name is Bollywood India rest.. wow !!! what a meal we had …a fantastic south-north indian dishes on tha buffe system …surrounded by all indian films, filmstar posters …Rajini,kamal,vijay,Sharukh, AAmir,Hrithik,Kajol,Mathuri …hmmmm nice environment … all indians enjoying their country food at the top
of europe … wow … whata experience is that … On the return we landed in Grindelwald a beautiful place. All the country side views … We had 30 minutes walk on the romantic country side roads … a huge valley at the bottom of Alpines… How romantic … 😦 but I was with my frnds ..(everybody felt the same) … So just married parties … check your bank balance and book the tickets …

Back to pavilion … Interlaken ..I forgot to tell you about the place we stayed … its in between two big lakes … of swiss … a beautiful sight from lake to top of the alpines … A historic railway station … y historic … this is the station where shah-rukh-khan and kajol split up …wat ??? yes DDLJ can you forget that … this the same station where kajol with of tears and gives a good bye to shah-rukh… we took pictures 😉

Night in hotel with a game of snooker and board of football .. (first time in my life I touch that football board game … I lost like anything with a stranger in that club ….:))

Morning trip was to Lucerne , a another fantastic site … before that a small trip inside interlaken ..lakeside view ..b4 us Chinese were reached and taking photos .. viduvoma … we grabbed all the beauties of the lake with our hungry cameras …

This time the car journey was simply mind blowing … the views are mind blowing … We reached luzern (again thanks to the navigator .. and beautiful tamil songs all the way …mannil intha kadhalinri yaarum vazhthal kudumo , madai thiranthu adum nadhi alai naan, suttum vizhi sudare, uyirin uyire …)

A smal city walk in Luzern which has a Wooden Bridge built on 1300 , a fort and a huge 20ft sculpture of a lion called “Lion of Luzern” , a memory of the soldiers died in paris in 19th century , but our bad time it was under renovation. covered by construction materials .. I found a strange hotel there also ..Hotel Kanchi (southindian spl) in the middle of Luzern … Tamila !!! ..

Then our journey is towards mountain Pilatus , which will give you a amazing view of almost a part of Swiss … 7000ft by cable car journey … Mount Pilatus is the northernmost branch of the Alps.
The geological edge of the Alps stretches right through Lake Lucerne. Along this border run the sedimentary layers which traverse the whole of Switzerland and, with the lakes in the Alpine foothills, create some of Switzerland’s most stunning scenery. Up to 4000ft a layer of green Pine trees , then after that a welcome board by nature made by snow … then a huge astonishing mountain ..

Its a place for mountain sports , hiking, mountain cycling , slating …paracliding everything is there .. We were enjoyed our Slating … ultimate exp.. At the top the Pilatus … a stunning view was waiting for us … Swiss ‘s lakes , Alpine beauties , freezing cold … a nice cup of coffee at the top of 7000 feet … a talk with tamil family … 😉 Lots of mappilai photos here too… while coming back I played “Endrendrum Punnagai” from alaipayuthe in my mobile …. so amazing that top … journey on the cable car.. tasting the
beauty of swiss … Wwwwwow ..awesome …back to the pavilion.

We are running out of time ..plan to goto Zurich ..But again Huge ..very huge traffic … which made our way to return back … almost 1:30 hours we wasted … So take diversion..take diversion … (thirumalai 🙂 ) Even if you know the rite route its difficult to reach the destination ..But now we are lost and a nasty smell came from our car … All face gone down ..we stopped and checked ..its because of drivers mistake … a slow 1:30 hours journey burned the break cork (I donno exactly how to term this ) … we waiting for 30 min… then
we found a new route …From there our journey was started , we din even closed our eyes …keep on tracking the map and road… Even I forgot to watch outside to enjoy the beautiful country side view (Thanks for the frnds who gave running commentary !!!) After a deep long struggle we made our way home … a gr8 saga of trip to Swiss was over … A unforgettable journey …a sweet memory which will stay for a long while …

(A parking fine for wrong parking and a very rush trip to hand-over the rented car and a sleepless night on Monday (4am-8am) will ruin this beautiful story .so those stories in separate and different time … ;))

Photos : click here ( more to come, this is first part only 😉 )



6 Responses to “A piece of heaven in Earth …”

  1. sami Says:

    What to say buddy…? naan enn solla…!!!!??amazing…

    its a tooooo good travelgoue…not finding words to appreciate ur effort…and ur tamil pattru ??!!

    update the photos also…. 🙂

  2. Santhosh Says:

    Amazing read. Waiting for the Photos da….

    PS : Do you think there is a need for you to take mappilai Photos… i thought things are already fixed for you ???

  3. Nirmal Says:

    Good narration. Nice photo too…

    Btw, this caught my attention:
    … i thought things are already fixed for you …

    This is news! come on Ramc, yaar athu…

  4. sami Says:

    things are fixed for ramc !!! – hey good news ramc….

    congrats !!! yarathu mattum sollidu….

    athanala thaan phone/mail ethuvuvme illaya…? ippo puriyuthu…may be u or santhosh (as of now) can reveal it…

  5. Ramc Says:

    Thanks all,
    Hey those words are not from my mouth …
    If your interested and have enough time to spend in this kind of rumours, go ahead … 😉

  6. Subashini Says:

    I really wonder from where u have so much patience to write such a detailed travelogue….gud..motivates us to take a drive to Swiss.
    Appreciate ur efforts.

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