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A Trip in to the Caves April 17, 2006

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This Saturday was a complete fabulous experience for me … We went to a place called Han-sur-lesse … which is world famous for its caves. Dont be afraid this wont turn to be a pure
essay on my trip…

Let me start from the Friday night … as it is holiday for my US and canada friends … and they planned for a trip for the long weekend … I was worried about my weekend .ofcourse its a long weekend for me also ..but a bit different … people celebrated Easter Monday monday holiday … Due to the shortage of time …

I managed to plan a small trip to han-sur-lesse …which 200 KM from Antwerp… The early morning woke up is horrible for me in weekdays…Jus think about waking up early in a saturday morning and taking the bath…ohhhh…its 5:30 … and am ready for the trip …s believe it…and I have to took a early morning jogging to reach the railway station ,coz a small delay in the room …we made it by 4 minutes … The problem(??!!) here is the trains are very very proper in their schedule … and we stared as per our agenda to Han… 2:18 hours of journey to a point
called Jemelle and from there we have to catch a bus to Han…cool huh … We reached jemelle on time …and exactly 4 min to catch the bus .. and we are in the bus station which is near by the
railway station ..and ONLY we are the passengers in the bus … Unimaginable huh ?..
Han … a nice small town … We got the combined trip ticket which includes a Trip to caves,museum, a 4D show and wild life safari (??) ..

From the town to the entrance of the caves we have take a small tram trip which is running for the past hundred years… which also made so much of noise… and a 10 min journey
through the forest (???) … The guidance was available in dutch and french only …and surprisingly everyone was dutch in our batch … and we started our 3 km walk(~) inside the
Cave … With a huge disappointment .

Yes, the photos are not allowed inside the my camera back in to the bag… It was a ultimate journey ..for that 1.5 hour(~). The cave is full of scalamites and the stagalamites (mail me or google for the details on this 😉 ). We saw a great staglamite which is very huge ..may be nearly 5 meter height … and the guide told the it will take 100 years to grow 3 cm long .. wowwwww
!!!! and the cave is full of fascinating Minaret. Inside the cave there was a River running … which makes very huge sound … and we are almost half the way of our journey and one of
our friend was frustuated and bored up by watching these shapes and he was totally tired also, he was commenting “What is this trip yaar? like a suspense thriller we are heading
towards…where we are going next a dance club…?” , Surprise !! we reached a point called Arms Hall…It was a look alike amphitheatre (??) and the asked to sit us in the chairs
arranged their .. a min went silently..suddently the lights are turned off…Dark ..pure Darkk…everywhere ..No sound ..except the noise of the river … then the music started and
great light show began…Based on the music the light was dancing and explored the part of caves … Wow ..I couldn’t completely describe the experience …totally at the end of
the it was awesome… We again continued our journey we crossed so many many different shapes … then the exit by boat along the subterranean underground river…wow
ultimate ..isn’t that gr8 exp.? At the end of the caves we got our group photo which was taken at the start of our journey ..was good …

Its lunch time,coz of the very very light Breakfast and a tired walk we almost dried out ..eagerly looking for the food …we were searching for a Pizza hut,or pizzeria were we can
get our Veggie stuff (!) … but no luck for me .. so we ended up in a small restaurant.. and I ordered for a veg.Sanwidtch ..This is the first time Am eating a sandwich for my Lunch
..Hmmm.. 😦

Next to Speleogame..A fantastic 4D show(this is what they had given in the guide book)…Its a 3d movie combined with virtual reality arrangements…(vibrating chairs and all)
..The show was boring and this time in the movie these dutch people again started to talking , but in 3d effect ha ha ha … Why they are such a lack in imagination … with a 3d
effect and this beautiful cave they could have made a ultimate presentations ..but we ened up with a stupid talking and a kid’s stuff-a interactive game … No movement of chairs or no
vibration nothing ..only water sprayed on us twice …hmm 😦

So next is Wild life safari … We have to take a safari car and a 10 km trip in to the wild… We were excited in the starting of the trip and as usual we are disappointed.The
guide said numerous amount of wild animals like wolf,lynx and brown bear are on the way .. and we were wondering that our safari car doesn’t have a glass protection at all ?? …so ,
yes you are right its a Zoo which is situated inside the wild forest ..ha ha ha ..all the animals are inside the campus …. and we were moving across them …. not even worth like , we
had a trip in bannergatta zoo ..hmmm.. But the scenarios were ultimate … and bear was so attractive ..They gave a nice pose to our cameras as they were expecting us…

When we are back in the center point its almost 4:15.But the museum closed by 4:00 so we missed it … So forcefully we had to wind up our trip…So we planned to take a cup of coffee and
start our return trip..We had nice coffee ,guess wat? the waitress was Cute ! 😉

As usual we din had the company on the return bus journey and we had nice sleep in train …reached home with walk in the rain …wow !!! Eventhough we had a small disappointments…it was a ultimate experience inside the cave we had …Totally a Awesome saturday …


4 Responses to “A Trip in to the Caves”

  1. Sami Says:

    A Good travalgoue indeed, Description is good…Photos expected….while writing post a photo also….(Not asin photo, i dont like that….its a junk)…
    oru 3sha photovena podu (he hee)

  2. Horses and Dolphins Says:

    Good article. Reminds me of the time I went here. Breathtaking …well worth a second visit.

  3. Nirmal Says:

    Surprising you couldn’t take pictures at the Han. we had taken liberally…:)

  4. Ramc Says:

    HAD, Thanks …
    Nirmal, I think its worked well otherway around…atleast we can njoy our visit inside cave, i.s.o worrying about the camera angles and lightings 😉

    Photos soon ….(ofcourse outside cave)

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