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Pool…Murungakakai … Kanda Naal mudal … April 8, 2006

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Phew !!! What a week end !! I love it …
Friday we started the week end with Pizza in the italian restaurant … this is time
the same old rest. sounds bit diff ..not to much taste …. cook moght fresher .. hh.. and we waited for long time …but waiting was cooolll.. u know y 😉 … comon man itz rest. in belgium …

The next target was pool bar we played played played .. I tried all the shots whatever I saw in TV. ..some of them worked well and many of them …u know … 3/5 .. s I won!! Ohohhh time was 1:30 …. bed time 😦

Saturday I got woke up very early 11:50 …mmhhh missed ..saturday kithcen .. a program in bbc … one day surprisingly they showed the Tamil nadu paruppu sambar …so from that day I am watching that one …. 😉 ….

weekly purchase …kuliyal … break fast … almost half day gone .. then I decided to get some tamil films (dvd,cd) from a srilankan shop .(Its in berchem 2 km from antwerp).When I came here I was regular customer for that shop 😉 … so we got some 2-3 movies … and we are very hungry usual walk in the rain 😉 I forgot to tel onething we bought (me and my roomie) murungakakai ….drum stick … one of my fav…

So cooked mu.sambar … Came very well.. spicy … it was almost my home taste mom’s taste (or may be I was too hungry …;) )

then we watched Kanda Naal Mudhal tamil movie …sounds old movie …but for me it s new pa ..nice movie … these things will happen in real life ??? I donno may be ….

But after back in home my roomie told me a shocking news that the laptop doesn’t have dvd player…oh god .. I was blowed up… its k .. I could see atleast a movie .. cooollll

Thatz it my day finished.. a fine saturday …


2 Responses to “Pool…Murungakakai … Kanda Naal mudal …”

  1. Santhosh Says:

    It was as though i went back to my days in UK. Does everyone who go onsite .. do the same stuff ??? Interesting !
    I also gave a search for “Santhosh” in googleeeeeee…. results were shocking ! 🙂

    Keep posting dude.


  2. hope u know me... Says:

    Ennoda weekend mathirye poirukku

    Replace pool with cricket
    Kanda Naal mudal with Arindum Ariyamalum

    rest all is same 🙂

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