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First Blog March 29, 2006

Filed under: General — intimateramc @ 3:33 pm

Well … Do you guys know what is the meaning of “eththi vidarathu” (tamil) … ?

for those who donno …
It means some xyz praising you alot and making you to fly in sky for
untolerable,irritating things done by you,
why? You would have bought a free cup of nice tea to that XYZ…
Thatz the exact reason your reading this blog page (ofcourse a first blog by me) … 😉
(anyway thanks XYZ…)

But anyway I would like to share the interesting things viewed,experienced,
heard,read (??!!) by me… and I am giving you the guarantee that it will be
really interesting ..

I am sure in some of the blogs you will see the real Ramachandran, who never
shuts his mouth for anything and keep on commenting …

Last but not least, some years back my dad told this to me
” If you think at the end of the day , it was a wonderful day …
U might have made somebody to laugh a lot … So keep it up !!!”

Keep reading … keep commentingkeep smiling 😉
Here we go ….


2 Responses to “First Blog”

  1. Subashini Rajendran Says:

    And Ramc u forgot to mention abt the green dhal n red bean combination…wat was the final colour of ur curry…green+red = ???.
    Sp 1 week…rajma sambhar…rajma curry….rajma dhal….rajma rasam….vow.
    I could hear ramc singing….Rajma dhaaan ennakku pidhicha unnavu…doyon doyon..:-)

  2. Santhosh Says:

    Good one RAMC. Very interesting. Keep writing 🙂

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